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Conspiracy Theories: Space Conspiracies
Posted In: Space and Astrology  12/2/11
By: Yona Williams

There are many that believe other forms of life (such as extraterrestrials – better known as aliens) exist. When strange unexplainable lights zip across the night sky or something appears to have fallen to the earth, many conspiracy theorists start to whisper about the possibilities that the government is doing something to cover up the truth.

Roswell and Area 51

Some believe that aliens from other planets have crashed to the Earth and the government is covering up the event by secretly storing the evidence in a remote location in Nevada. The Roswell, New Mexico conspiracy theory centers on the supposed recovery of an object that crashed in the general vicinity of the city. The incident took place in June and July of 1947. Some residents and witnesses made claims that the object was an extraterrestrial spacecraft and its alien occupants.

Since the late 1970s, the incident had become the subject of a heated controversy – conspiracy theorists started to question the true origin of the object. The United States Armed Forces told the public that the object was debris that had come from an experimental high-altitude surveillance balloon that was part of a classified program. Others believed that the object had something to do with aliens, which caused the city of Roswell to become linked with the notion of alien cover-ups. Out of all the alleged UFO incidents, this is the most publicized and known.

The bodies and spacecraft are thought to have been transported to a place where the government can examine the remains and technology. This place is called Area 51. One theory is that the U.S. government uses Area 51 as a place to create advanced weapon and space travel techniques and practices that they have learned from the aliens. Area 51 is a military base that is an isolated detachment of Edwards Air Force Base located in the southern part of Nevada. Some of the main duties of the base are to develop and test experimental aircraft and weapons.

Covering up UFOs is not the only strange activities associated with Area 51. Some believe the base has been used for many other odd happenings that may include meeting extraterrestrials, developing exotic energy weapons, developing means of controlling the weather, as well as establishing methods of time travel and teleportation technology.

Apollo Moon Landing

When the photographs of the Apollo Moon landings surfaced on July 20, 1969 – some people believed that a TV studio had faked the images supposedly sent by NASA. Conspiracy theorists pointed out elements of the photos that didn’t sit well with them, such as the lack of stars in the photographs. They also said that the images produced the wrong kind of shadows for the moment. The photographs were supposed to have been taken on the surface of the Moon. Serious conspiracy theorists believe that some astronauts were even killed as part of a cover up.


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