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Astral Body: What You Need to Know about It for Astral Travel
Posted In: Recent Submissions  3/19/15

Have you heard about the astral body? If yes, then you must have heard about it from the dying people who seem to see their astral body or feel its presence in near-death incidents. Such people often report of seeing their body from the ceiling of room where they are sleeping. Moreover, in several out of the body experiences, you will come across the term, astral body.

Overview of Astral Travel

According to experts, astral body is actually a part of physical body but has the power to leave and come out of it. Therefore, it facilitates outer body experience by traveling out of body. A few experts are of the opinion that some of us can travel out of body to go ahead in time, which is possible due to the astral body. This ability to go out and come back is called astral travel. When the astral body goes out and comes back, it restores the memories of what it observed, which remain in the subconscious mind. This is believed to be the foundation of sixth sense as well.

Some people experience the astral body when encountering a fatal accident or incident causing mental or physical trauma. A few people can even experience while at sleep. Regardless of the situation, the phenomenon makes one feel that the happenings have occurred before or it is just a dream.

Points to Know for Safe Astral Travel

First, you should understand what astral body is, how it travels, and what you can gain from its travel. It is vital to know that the travel can be risky if you remain ignorant or careless about the process. To avoid that, it is essential to learn about astral travel from an expert who already knows about the process very well.

Second, the place of practicing astral travel needs to be extremely comfortable. Considering this in mind, you can even choose a peaceful riverbank or your bedroom for practice. Third, it is essential to wear loose clothes, which simply adds to your level of comfort.

Third, it is equally important to be in a relaxing state apart from being in a comfortable one. It is vital to close your eyes and sit in a relaxed state. Both the mind and body need to be in a relaxed state. This is perhaps the essence of astral travel. This is because if you are uncomfortable or not relaxed, it is impossible for you to feel the astral body or its travel. However, at the same time, you should not sleep or dose off, as even that hinders the astral experience.

Fourth, keep in mind that astral travel needs much practice and patience. You really have to work hard to be on the right track. While you may get lost initially, the expert can bring you back and establish a close coordination of the mind and body. For that, consider using audio aids that relax your body and fine-tune the brain frequencies for better experience.

Once the practice of astral travel starts regularly, you are bound to observe a drastically good change in your life.


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