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Avril Lavigne Uses Illuminati Symbolism in "Rock n Roll" Music Video
Posted In: Recent Submissions  8/23/13
By: Sarah Wilson

In 1999, a rather young Avril Lavigne entered the music scene. After appearing on stage with Shania Twain at the age of 15, the singer landed a two-album recording contract with Arista Records that was worth more than $2 million. In 2002, the 17-year-old released her debut album titled 'Let Go.' Over the course of her career, the pop punk, alternative songstress has sold more than 30 million albums, as well as more than 50 million singles across the world. She too, is just another popular mainstream music entertainer who has been guilty of embracing the kind of imagery and symbolism that represents the Illuminati and other questionable agendas.

One of the most recent visual interpretations of Avril Lavigne's music shows her incorporating the likes of single-eye symbolism and other related symbols is the second single from her upcoming fifth studio album titled "Here's to Never Growing Up." The song, "Rock N Roll," has already drummed up a bit of interest and attention for featuring former child star, Danica McKellar, whose claim to fame is mostly for playing Winnie Cooper on the popular TV show titled "The Wonder Years." In an odd twist, the two gals kiss one another in a scene from the video, but that is beside the point.

The music video for "Rock N Roll" was released on August 20, 2013, which was one week before the anticipated release of the single. Throughout the music video, single-eye symbolism (also known as the all-seeing eye, Eye of Horus, or Eye of Providence) runs rampant. In one scene, you will see that the singer is showcasing a red mark under one of her eyes, which resembles the same kind of markings of a football player. This type of physical feature could be interpreted as being used to highlight a single eye. In this same scene, Lavigne is holding her arm to reveal a tattoo of a pentagram-like star.


In a cartoony comic book scene, a skull-like piece of decoration is attached to the front of a car that has an 'X' covering the space where an eye should be – once again highlighting single eye imagery. This same car with the one-eyed icon is seen again in reality.

In what is supposed to be a controversial part of the music video (the kiss between Lavigne and McKellar), the singer is wearing a helmet adorned with various stickers and embellishments. You will see a single eyeball (once again), stars, and the symbol for anarchy. Lavigne even manages to toss in a bit of the black arts into the music video, where she is seen performing magic. To make matters worse, the setting is in a church surrounded by candles.

This is the not the only time that Lavigne has inserted questionable imagery and symbolism into her music videos. The video for the first single released from her 'Here's to Never Growing Up' album also incorporated single eye symbolism, pyramid-like shapes, and a nod to the black and white checkered patterns of Freemasonry.


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