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Don't Trust Alex Jones, and Mark Dice!!!
Posted In: Recent Submissions  6/25/13

We have two loud provocateurs  who have MILLIONS of viewers shedding light on the Illuminati and the dismantling of America. On the surface, these men sound like true patriots who stand for the people, but the deception runs deep!

We all know there is a satanic agenda in action to capture as many souls in the forthcoming anti-Christ system that will emerge shortly. And there is no shortage of whistle-blowers and people speaking up against this coming of events. But one must realize there are also many motives involved.

First we have Alex Jones..  We all know his intentions are to rile up the people to revolt against our government. He claims he is a Christian, but seldom gives any power to God and NEVER guides his listeners to repentance. Instead he leads his sheep to revolting against the powers that be.

This is an Anti-Jesus message! What's happening on Earth is Gods Will...  We do not have to like it, but we are instructed to LOVE THY NEIGHBORS and PRAY for our enemies.  We are instructed to REPENT for our sins and resist evil.

Now I am not saying we have to stand in line to accept the beast system, as we are told we must endure to the end in the name of Christ and REFUSE the mark of the beast. We are NOT told to go to war with Satan.  That's Jesus' job..  Jesus is appointed to defeat the beast.

Next we have another popular Youtube star Mark Dice.  Like Alex Jones, Dice proclaims to be a Christian as he tries to convince people that Jesus was in favor of Guns and Hates the Illuminati.  But again, his goal is not to honor the most high God, but to invoke the people to rise up against the obvious satanic forces.

Satan Has Double Agents!!!

This is obvious and easy to understand..  A great deception is being orchestrated to lead most people to Hell..  The plan involves the creation of an evil force (the illuminati).  This evil system MUST be exposed to bring about the next part of the plan..  They will expose themselves (as they been doing) then ultimately introduce the solution.  A savior will come to free us from the Illuminati and the people will LOVE HIM...  Unfortunately, the person who gains the trust of the world and is viewed as the Savior will indeed be the Anti-Christ taking his rightful position as the all seeing eye on top of the Babylonian pyramid system of the One World Order.


To make this plan work, they need players to expose the illuminati and lead the people to revolt against the current crooked system. And this is where people like Mark Dice and Alex Jones come in..  Most are fooled into thinking these whistle blowers are on the good side, but in fact their purpose is to expose the wrongdoings of the evil system and cause the people to rise up against it.  Once people rise against the powers that be, they can and will enact Martial Law, which paves the way to bring in the mark of the beast.


How Do We Tell Who Is On Our Side?


There must be some sort of litmus test to reveal who is really working on the side of righteousness. And luckily there is...  But to find it we need to find the real point of all of this.  The bottom line goal is to lead as many away from God as they can.  The demonic side wants to rid the world of GOD and become God. Unfortunately for them, man was given a promise through the covenant of Abraham which grants all believers of Jesus Christ eternal life. All one has to do is believe Jesus is lord and died for their sins, and we must repent of our sins..   Therefore the evil side WILL NOT EVER lead people to repentance to the true GOD...


There it is..  The Golden Ticket..  We are told we will know good people from evil people by their fruits. So we must ask-  Which information sources are leading it's listeners to Repentance in the name of Jesus Christ?


Some may say that Alex Jones and Mark Dice are Christians so they must be good.  BUT realizing and professing the truth that there is one GOD does NOT mean that entity is good and righteous.  In James  2:19 of the Bible, We are told "Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.".  So even the demons acknowledge there is one GOD BUT that does not make them righteous.  One needs to REPENT to be cleansed of their sins.


Exposing Evil Is NOT Bad


Don't get me wrong, exposing evil is NOT a bad thing. We are told to expose evil in scripture, BUT we must lead men to repentance in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior.


So the next time your tuning into one of these Patriot Speakers, take notice to their message and if repentance and belief in Christ is within the main scope of their material.


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