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How Warp Drives Have Evolved Beyond The Science Fiction Domain
Posted In: Recent Submissions  6/27/13
By: Warnor Bright

Reputable astrophysicist Eric Davis has recently made some statements that have clearly shaken the respective industry. The astrophysicist is a prestigious name in the FTL (Faster Then Light) space domain. However, he agrees that the humankind has an amazing potential to go further than that. In other words, exploring the space at warp speeds is not necessarily an idea from science fiction movies, but it does have something to do with the reality.

The scientist's most recent study – “Faster Than Light Space Warps, Status and Next Steps” has drawn a lot of attention, but also plenty of appreciation for the detailed analysis. Moreover, it has been awarded by the AIAA 2013 with the Best Paper Award for Nuclear and Future Flight Propulsion.


As a direct consequence of his new paper, Eric Davis has been questioned about his ideas by multiple publications. His work was featured in the April edition of the British Interplanetary Society journal. Although it seems quite complete, Davis claims that it is only the beginning of what is about to happen. The respective paperwork is nothing but the basis of his upcoming studies, not to mention about his address at the impressive Icarus Interstellar meeting scheduled for August, 2013.

The faster-than-light space travel has been continuously studied before too, so there is nothing new about it. it has been reviewed by multiple scientists, yet no one could actually find a reliable solution to at least try. Plus, Einstein's theory clearly states that something with a defined mass will never be able to go as fast as the light. With all these, the theory is about to reach to an end, since scientists have claimed that a loophole will definitely let the humankind to travel faster than that. Practically, this idea is all about getting over light years within days only.

These days, the faster-than-light theories agree that the ship is not supposed to move at all. Instead, the space is actually moving around it. In fact, all the specialists have reached to the common conclusion that the space is a very flexible environment. Moreover, it is thought to expand continuously since the impressive Big Bang explosion. Therefore, the general thought implies distorting the space, while the ship stays. It is not supposed to move or accelerate at all. From some points of view, such a theory will never manage to get over Einstein's relativity ideas. From many others, this is the part specialists must work on.

So far, the humankind finds it impossible to perceive things that are not visible. The same rule applies to some things that simply go beyond the human imagination. It is hard to imagine a spaceship moving a lot faster than the actual light, especially since light is seen to be almost instant. All in all, scientists have clearly adopted the idea to see a real time adaptation of the popular Star Trek series. Only time can tell how far these studies will go, but one thing is for sure – people like Eric Davis do believe in them and focus on finding a solution.


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