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Jay-Z Attempts to 'Clear his Name' as Illuminati Rumors Continue
Posted In: Recent Submissions  7/5/13
By: Sarah Wilson

For many years, there has been a dark cloud hanging over Jay-Z's head, and the name of that cloud has been called the Illuminati. Because of the great success the rapper has enjoyed regarding not only just the music and entertainment industry (but in many other industries as well), he is believed to be a member of the secret society. Jay-Z has recently turned to music to help speak his mind about rumors that he belongs to the Illuminati with his song 'Heaven." However, there are a few things to point out before we start feeling sorry for the multi-million dollar celebrity.

With cryptic lyrics and blatant acts of Illuminati-related symbolism, Jay-Z has made millions of dollars from his music and clothing ventures produced under the Rock-a-fella Records name ('the Roc,' for short). The logo for 'the Roc' incorporates an interesting symbol…the pyramid shape that is often depicted as the 'all-seeing eye.'

Jay-Z has been photographed numerous times creating a triangle shape with his hands, and then looking through the apex of what looks very much like a pyramid. Many have claimed this is his way of embracing the symbolism of the Illuminati – the all-seeing eye, the Eye of Horus, or the illuminated pyramid. For years, Jay-Z has marketed a clothing company that still graces the shelves and racks of stores, and helps spread the symbolism that has so many in an uproar.

Some who take a look at the success and fame that Jay-Z has enjoyed over the course of his career tend to associate it with a perceived 'deal with the Devil' or involvement with the Illuminati – the secret society thought to include a host of wealthy, influential people from around the world. Jay-Z has recently taken issue with those who feel that he did not earn his fame and fortune through hard work and talent, but instead, must justify it with a connection to a secret society. He also calls the speculation that he belongs to the Illuminati as being a racially-motivated view that is used to rationalize how African Americans are able to become successful.

One of the ways Jay-Z is fighting back is through a song titled 'Heaven,' which is a new single found on his next album 'Magna Carter Holy Grail' that hit the market yesterday. In the song, the rapper makes mention about religion, controversial headlines that have plagued his life, conspiracy theorists, serpents, and of course, the Illuminati.

A recent interview with Jay-Z also reveals some of his thoughts regarding the Illuminati and his perceived link to the organization. He basically feels that conspiracy theorists have created the rumor involving him because he feels they can't believe how blacks can achieve a great deal of success without the help of others.

Jay-Z is reported as saying that wealthy black individuals, such as Rihanna, the Obamas, his wife Beyonce, and Kanye West, are viewed as being a part of a 'secret society' because some people cannot 'fathom how black people can be so successful.' He goes on to mention that there aren't any white people who are being accused of worshipping Satan. However, he is incorrect, as popular white entertainers, such as Lady Gaga and Kesha, have also been accused of belonging to or representing the Illuminati. Also, with the exception of the President, all of the people that Jay-Z mentioned are musically or personally connected to him in some way.

While the rapper makes it clear that he is not trying to 'explain himself,' and that he wanted to clear the 'Carter' name, his attempts are most likely fruitless. Many of his artistic collaborations, music videos, and lyrics continue to have hidden meaning and messages that make it highly problematic for those to believe that the entertainer is not connected in some way to the Illuminati, or another elite group of movers and shakers that go beyond simply selling records to the public.


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