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Ke$ha's Been a Busy Illuminati Puppet this Summer…
Posted In: Recent Submissions  9/1/13
By: Sarah Wilson

According to the Cornell Concert Commission, singer-songwriter Ke$ha is scheduled to perform at Cornell University on September 29, 2013, and the campus is abuzz. The controversial musician is viewed as one of the most Illuminati-associated entertainers of today – one who doesn't shy from pushing the envelope regarding questionable symbolism that includes nods to the secret society, as well as references of a Satanic and occult nature. This summer, the singer has made her rounds across the nation and through many different platforms – one event in particular that contained a painfully high amount of references to the Illuminati.

Throughout the summer, Ke$ha has been coming to a city probably close to you as part of the Warrior Tour, which is the second headlining concert tour for the singer. Named after her second studio album, the tour began in Boston, Massachusetts in May of 2013. Traveling throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia, the tour will end in November of 2013. In between Warrior Tour dates, the singer has also performed at various awards' shows and other events – doing her part to desensitize audiences with her Illuminati-filled performances, costume designs, and lyrics.  

One of the most disturbing is probably when she performed at the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party event this June. As part of the two-day musical event that took place in Miami Beach, Ke$ha performed for nearly 60 minutes on June 29, which also featured an equally controversial Miley Cyrus.

During her set, one of the first things that greeted the audience was a scene that showed an explosion of the planet that then transitioned into a rather large, creepy all-seeing eye. Following the performance of 'Crazy Kids,' the singer squatted down and placed her hand over one eye. The single-eye symbolism was also intensified by the fact that she had 'eye' art on the palm of her hand.

Other Illuminati-related symbolism found during the singer's iHeartRadio performance included:

•    A black and white T-shirt worn by the keyboardist depicts a single eye.
•    At one point, Ke$ha wears a decorative tiara that showcases a single eye flanked by two pyramids – all of which are surrounded by what appears to be exaggerated illumination or sun rays.
•    When interacting with the crowd, Ke$ha starts to speak about balls, and in the end, declares that her favorite ball is an eyeball.
•    During her set, backup dancers come dressed in black and white – they have no heads, but instead, are eyeballs wearing top hats.

However, it was her choice for the last song of the iHeartRadio set that truly capped off the entire performance. The singer chose her controversial jingle 'Die Young' to leave a lasting impression on audience members. While her dancers appeared with large inverted pentagrams decorations on their chests, Ke$ha wore an outfit that incorporated an inverted cross within a red heart. Also, no performance would be complete without a giant gold pyramid background design with a single eye in the middle.

It doesn't get any more blatant and in-your-face with the Illuminati symbolism than the iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party that the singer delivered, but you never know with Ke$ha – she has plenty of tour dates in the U.S. and abroad to surprise us again.


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