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Man Caught Using the Illuminati as a Way to Trick Young Girls into Sexual Favors
Posted In: Recent Submissions  8/29/13
By: Sarah Wilson

When the subject of the Illuminati comes up in conversation, a range of opinions arise. Some believe that the secret society exists to some extent, while others are completely convinced that the organization has its hand in many different pots – from the entertainment industry to just about anything that requires an individual to attain a certain level of success. We've seen news headlines speak of people willing to do the unimaginable to get in good favor with the Illuminati, such as aspiring musicians. However, it's not often that we read about females trading sexual favors as a way to make a connection to the secret society.

This week, the news is abuzz of a man who is now facing felony gross sexual imposition charges after it came to light that he was attempting to convince two teenage girls that they would receive payment from the Illuminati if they gave their consent to have sex with him. The reputation that the Illuminati has for influencing the world is so strong that someone actually thought that incorporating the group into their scheme with a promise of monetary benefits is pretty telling.

That someone would be Nelson Torres, a resident of Elyria, Ohio, who devised a plan to offer 'points' to young females for engaging in rituals of a sexual nature. Torres would allegedly tell teenage girls that they could join a secret society, and be able to earn points by performing a range of tasks, such as oral sex. According to court documents, Torres would tell girls that the more points they earned, the more money they would receive in return. One teen reportedly asked if what they were doing was illegal, and he would answer that it wasn't. She was also informed that she may have to "go out of her comfort zone."

Turning females into sex slaves is not a new concept that has been associated with the Illuminati. With the help of information received from an alleged programmer for the secret society, a handful of books have already explored the trickery that the Illuminati are suspected of achieving on a worldwide level. Claims have ranged from the existence of mind-controlled females that have endured torture and detrimental brainwashing techniques to woman who have been forced into prostitution. Rumors have also surfaced that the Illuminati is behind supplying sex slaves to a range of politicians – both related to the United States and abroad.

The Illuminati is also thought to play a role in the suspected sex kitten programming of actresses, singers and other female entertainers. This is why some people believe the secret society is an influence in the relationship between Courtney Stodden and her current beau. Stodden was 16 years old when she received consent from her parents to marry actor Doug Hutchinson, who is more than three times the age of the reality show actress. Her public appearances, choice of skimpy clothing, and overall behavior are considered by some as red flags that an underlying force (such as the Illuminati) is affecting her life.


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