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R&B Songstress Ciara is An Unlikely Supporter of the Golden Dawn
Posted In: Recent Submissions  9/9/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Ciara is a hip hop and R&B singer who has enjoyed a relatively long career in the music industry (as far as today's entertainers go). In an attempt to stay relevant in the public's eye, perhaps she's trying out a few new things to grab the publics' attention. In addition to dating a rapper with increasing popularity, and coming out with a few catchy songs (one of which includes Nicki Minaj), she's also catching eyes with some of the symbolism featured in her clothing and music video choices.

One of the most curious fashion statements that a female entertainer in today's age could make is seen in the over-sized coat that Ciara wore in her music video for "Super Turnt Up" – the first single from her self-titled album that came out this summer. The song is reportedly about her new love, a rapper called Future, who interestingly has become entangled in rumors to having a connection to the Illuminati during the course of his career. With matching boots, she dances around in the video, and to the average viewer, nothing seems amiss with the coat. The average viewer most likely has no clue what the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn means, stands for, or the history behind the group.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn was actually an influential secret society that gained a great deal of popularity in the early 20th century with the help of Aleister Crowley, who was once part of the group. Crowley was an occultist and magician that sometimes went by the name of The Great Beast 666.

The Golden Dawn plays an important role in the history of secret societies across the world, and is often referred to as a 'magical order.' Some of the founders of the organization were Freemasons, and they incorporated some of the same concepts into the society as seen in their Masonic lodges, such as abiding by a system of hierarchy and following processes of initiation.

It's quite curious that Ciara would choose to wear a piece of clothing that features this secret society. What kind of statement is she trying to make? Did she actually choose to support the meaning of the organization on her own, or did someone tell her to wear the coat?

This isn't the first time that Ciara has been featured or photographed wearing clothing that upturns an eyebrow. In the accompanying image, you see the singer dressed in a shirt that highlights the head of Baphomet, which some people identify with the occult and Satan worship.

You can also see Ciara in collaboration with suspected Illuminati-puppet Nicki Minaj, where the two ladies released the single "I'm Out" together. A music video accompanying the song features a scene where Ciara in a white dress dances on a black and white checkered floor – a feature often associated with Freemasonry. On different occasions in the music video, the singer also embraces single-eye symbolism, as well as flashes a '666' hand gesture.


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