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Rihanna Wears Illuminati Symbolism During Recent Alan Carr Appearance
Posted In: Recent Submissions  9/29/13
By: Sarah Wilson

Rihanna seems to have been a bit quiet lately…you haven't heard much of her in the news and she's done a relatively good job of staying out of the negative public light. The woman who is considered one of the hottest music artists across the globe recently made a fashion statement that speaks volumes during an appearance over this weekend in the United Kingdom. While we're constantly on the lookout for hidden messages and overt symbolism, the singer embraces not one, but multiple symbols associated with the likes of the Illuminati and Freemasonry during this recent show appearance.

Rihanna took to the set of Alan Carr's "Chatty Man" show last Friday night to share in the celebration of their 100th episode, where she also gave a live performance of her new song, 'What Now.' One of the first things you may notice while Rihanna is sitting on the couch is the jacket that she is wearing. The design is a black and white checkered pattern that resembles the same style of tile decorating the floors of Masonic temple lodges. One may dismiss the black and white, checkered, or duality-themed jacket as a common design found in clothing, but this isn't the only questionable fashion statement that the singer is wearing.

The checkerboard pattern has also appeared in some of Rihanna's past music videos and photo shoots, such as the below scene from her song 'You Da One.'

As for jewelry choices, Rihanna made some interesting selections. A close up on the singer's fingers as she holds the microphone reveals two pieces of significant symbolism that should catch your attention. The first is what appears to be a ring that depicts the all-seeing eye. The second ring depicts a rather sizeable scarab beetle, which is a scared symbol of the ancient Egyptians that they used to represent the Sun God Ra. Interestingly enough, Rihanna wears a ring on her pinkie finger that dangles a cross.

A third piece of jewelry that Rihanna has incorporated for her appearance on Carr's show is a little more subtle – a pair of gold earrings that could represent pyramid symbolism.

This isn't the first time that Rihanna has embraced Egyptian art and symbolism – some of her most profound statements have come from her choice in tattoo designs. The Egyptian goddess, Isis, is inked across her chest – in a kneeling position with outstretched wings. The ancient Egyptians play a significant role in some of the symbolism associated with the Illuminati, which you can see in the Eye of Horus (all-seeing eye pyramid) artwork.

When it comes to Rihanna, conspiracy theorists and those on an Illuminati watch are not the only ones to notice the increasing shift that the singer has made in her music.

In response to the 'good girl gone bad' image that seems to have become part of Rihanna's persona, now-solo music artist Omarion (from the R&B group B2K) basically noted how some entertainers come to a crossroads in their career where they may become influenced to take on a darker side to appease the industry. He also mentioned how this practice is along the same vein as gangs, which we all know go through initiations and rituals to become a part of the group. Omarion didn't make a concrete statement on whether he thought Rihanna is one of those entertainers who has chosen the dark side, but it was her 'Russian Roulette' song that sparked his opinion.


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