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Category: Recent Submissions

3/19/15  Astral Body: What You Need to Know about It for Astral Travel

3/19/15  Why Celibacy is Essential in Spontaneously Activating Divine Powers

2/5/14  Monster High '13 Wishes' DVD Promotes Occult, Illuminati, and Satanic Themes

10/3/13  Black Knight UFO Photographed by Gemini 7? (PICS)

9/29/13  Rihanna Wears Illuminati Symbolism During Recent Alan Carr Appearance

9/18/13  Why atheism is illogical

9/17/13  The Specific Cause of the "Evolution vs. 'Creationism'" Controversy, and of the apparent discrepancy between science and the Bible

9/9/13  R&B Songstress Ciara is An Unlikely Supporter of the Golden Dawn

9/1/13  Ke$ha's Been a Busy Illuminati Puppet this Summer…

8/29/13  Man Caught Using the Illuminati as a Way to Trick Young Girls into Sexual Favors

8/23/13  Avril Lavigne Uses Illuminati Symbolism in "Rock n Roll" Music Video

8/20/13  Lady Gaga Once Again Inserts Illuminati Symbolism into Latest Music Video

8/17/13  Mysterious Lindsey Lights

8/4/13  The potential of unipolar theory for flight

7/24/13  Is a Satanic Cult to Blame for the Horrific Death of a Dartmoor Foal?

7/5/13  Jay-Z Attempts to 'Clear his Name' as Illuminati Rumors Continue

7/3/13  The church- the bride

7/2/13  The link between the invisible eternal and the visible temporal, (3 of 3)

7/2/13  The link between the invisible eternal and the visible temporal, (2 of 3)

7/2/13  The link between the invisible eternal and the visible temporal, (1 of 3)

7/2/13  Enoch, the first one raptured

6/29/13  Big Crash Caused By A 19 Years Old Man While Being Followed By Zombies

6/28/13  The Interesting World Of Informers & Infiltrators Around The U.S.

6/28/13  U.S. Probes Former Military Official For Stuxnet Leaks

6/27/13  How Warp Drives Have Evolved Beyond The Science Fiction Domain

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