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Unexplainable.Net Allows you to submit your articles. We approve submissions at our digression. Whether you are an article marketer, a webmaster, or just a writer who wants your work read, Unexplainable.Net is the place.

Why Submit To Us?

Quite simply, Thousands of visitors read our articles every day. We reach Hundreds of Thousands of unique readers every month and your article can receive great publicity. You may include your link in your submissions but all articles must be tasteful, on topic, and written by you. Please read thoroughly before submitting. We will not post Link-Only submissions.

Submission Guidelines
      1. Do Not Plagiarize. All Content must be Written yourself, or you must have permission to distribute the content.
     2. Submit Articles In Text Only. We recommend pasting your article from Wordpad to our Submission Page.
     3. The average article can have 1-2 body links within the article. If the article justifies more links, this is OK. Anchor text links are also OK.
     4. Submit Unexplainable Related Articles Only. No Product Reviews, No Online Pharmacies, and No Spammy Articles.
     5. Preview All Submissions and Fix Errors. If your article doesn't look good in the preview, it will probably be denied.

Article Submissions Instructions

All body links within Full Article Submissions are Followed Links! This means we pass Full Credit through search engines to your link. This type of link is by far the best. A full article should be over 400 words and not require the reader to follow a hyperlink to continue reading the rest of the story.

Full Article Submission Instructions

     1. Fill Out Title Box. First Letter In Every Word Capital
     2. Enter your Real Email Address. This Will NOT Show up in the Article
     3. Choose A Category From The Drop Down Menu
     4. Type Your Name In the Author Box
     5. Fill In 3-5 Keywords That Define Your Article. Separate them with commas.  (Ex. UFO, Sighting, Colorado UFO Sighting)
     6. Type A 1 Sentence Description About Your Article
     7. Enter A 2-3 Sentence Summary About The Article. The Summary Will Attract Readers to Click your Article. So Make It good.
     8. The Content Box Is The Article Itself.
     9. Preview the article using the "Preview" button. Fix errors and save.

Inserting Images In Articles

We love to see images in the article summary and content. But if you are unsure if you have the legal right to post the image it is best to omit this step. Inside the submission panel, you will see a link to "Add or Upload Files". Once you uploaded the images, there will be placeholders listed in the submission console. They will be in this format:  ***image1***.  All you need to do is put the placeholder where you want to image to appear. The images will automatically be resized to fit the page perfectly.

A proper summary with an image inserted would look like this: 

***image1***Experts are baffled by the sudden appearance of several creatures in the area around the village of Okaku in Namibia. The creatures were labeled a nuisance when several livestock around the village were killed, but now they have become a serious threat to the very lives of the villagers as the creatures have claimed the life of a 16 year old youth.

Remember, previewing is mandatory.  Check the Article Preview to make sure your images appear just as you want them to.


Thank you for taking the time to read over the submission guidelines and we look forward to reading your unique articles. keep those submissions coming!



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