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E Cat Test Declared Success
Posted In: Technology Articles  10/29/11
By: Chris Capps

The Rossi Focardi "miracle energy device" which is said to be able to produce up to one megawatt of energy in a closed system using not entirely understood means has been labeled a huge success after the system was once again tested in front of scientists and the mystery buyer of the system in Bologna, Italy.  The buyer, satisfied that the system works, is interested in the energy source as a clean and effective system, but not all are fully on-board with the Focardi catalyzer.  If it were to turn out to be genuine, it would revolutionize everything we know about the world.

And of course because the field is fairly technical, there are no doubt questions about just what this energy catalyzer can do.  Generally the production of energy is possible primarily through the spinning of turbines or the translation of light to energy through photovotaic cells.  Previously, these systems primarily burned things to generate heat which would in turn become steam which traveled upward and turned the turbine.  The heat required to run electric plants came from a number of sources, but the main combustibles in the past have been coal, oil, and the heat generated from radioactive materials.  But with the E-Cat it seems Andrea Rossi is moving in a completely new direction.  Not all of the generator's components are known, but a number of them have been revealed to the general public.  We know that a few of the key components of the E-Cat are a pulvarized nickel substance turned into dust, and that there is a heat component involved where turbines do actually generate the electricity.  But there is still a great deal of mystery surrounding a system that may hopefully revolutionize the world.

How much energy could be produced?  Quite simply, the amount of energy produced on a small scale could be enough to power anything from houses to cars and perhaps in time even smaller devices.  And because so many of them can be strung together so simply, the systems can also be used to power a number of larger things.  Airplanes, boats, and even large cities could be powered with similar systems arranged in such a way that they compounded the power output significantly.  Quickly smaller means of energy production would become obsolete and any conflict over oil could be replaced by the upcoming civilization transformation that would unfold afterward.

And if the system were cheap and relatively safe, it could quickly put an end to debates about the current feasibility of power production.  The E-Cat seems to be an answer to every energy concern we currently have.  Perhaps that's why so many have been apprehensive until now.  Only time will tell if this latest test will give change to the controversy or not.


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