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Exploding Transformer Mystery Causing Power Loss and Concern
Posted In: Technology Articles  5/15/11
By: Chris Capps

While it's not unusual to have the occasional transformer fire in a given area, usually the event is one that is rarely seen if ever by any single individual.  And yet now just within the past couple of days there have been over 20 major incidents within the past week where transformers suddenly and inexplicably burst into flames robbing thousands - and in some cases several thousand of power.  The information began as a trickle as we first saw a mysterious video about a week ago, and it now seems to be spreading all over the world.  What could be causing these mysterious transformer explosions?

Transformers catching fire due to lightning is unusual enough, but certainly well within the realm of explainable.  But with the massive numbers increasing seemingly by the day and in some cases by the hour, some have started suggesting there may be something more to this than just a series of freak accidents.  If it is a coincidence it is already an exceptional coincidence.  But if it's something more, what could be causing it?  Theories have sprung up from every corner of the alternative news circuit although the official explanation still claims it is all a series of unrelated incidents that just happened to fall into the same period of only a few days.

The incidents began in Fort Worth, Texas where several transformers suddenly lit up the sky as cameras rolled.  The event of so many transformers blowing up at once was unique enough to earn a place in the spotlight of CBS news.  But when it was soon followed by more events, the mainstream press suddenly went strangely quiet.  But while no single event has broken through the mainstream media silence, there have been dozens of smaller and independent media outlets reporting on individual events.  Since those first few sparks blew up over Dallas on the 12th, similar events have been reported from Maryland, Missouri, Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Las Vegas, California, New York, and Michigan to name a few.  Still more are still being discovered each day regardless of whether the official explanation of lightning seems to hold any water or not.

And it's not just in the west where these strange incidents are taking place.  As far east as India saw a similar incident when planes had to be diverted from the airport in the capital and redirected to surrounding areas with power for the runway lights.

So what could have caused this incredible flux of power?  Some are suggesting it may have been due to a sudden burst of solar flare activity ejecting energy all along the electromagnetic spectrum and hitting the Earth's magnetosphere.  Fortunately this doesn't appear to have been the case.  In fact we have seen an unusually quiet few days in solar activity.  So if it's not the sun, what is it?  HAARP is another likely candidate being considered by many suspicious of the Alaskan research installation.  Some have suggested that HAARP could have inadvertently (or purposefully) flooded the transformers with activity causing them to explode.

Whatever the cause, it seems to be getting far more intense as time rolls on.


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