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Karma Clraring

Category: Technology Articles

1/23/14  Reports Pour In that Guccifer, the Hacker Against the Illuminati, Has Been Arrested

10/18/13  Mondelez International May Use Microsoft Kinect to Track Your Snack Buying Habits

10/9/13  The Future Could Bring Nano-Chips Placed in the Body that Monitor Your Health (and Possibly Other Things?)

10/8/13  Researchers Tested GMO 'Golden Rice' on Kids Without Parents Knowing it's Genetically Modified

9/24/13  Is the 'Future of Entertainment' Just Another Ploy to Breach Our Privacy?

9/22/13  Video Game Grand Theft Auto V Incorporates Illuminati Symbolism

8/13/13  Big Brother in a Trash Bin?

5/29/13  The Latest in Mind Control – Using the Brain to Create 3D Objects

3/24/13  Have you Heard of Guccifer – A Politicians' Worst Nightmare?

3/8/13  Advanced Technology Includes Spy Drones the Size of Bumblebees and Shape of Mosquitos

10/30/12  In 2 Months, If You Pirate Copyrighted Content, Your Internet Provider Will Make You Walk The Plank

10/26/12  The UN Calls For Worldwide Internet Surveillance To Fight Terrorism

10/5/12  5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Machine Discovered In Afghanistan

10/5/12  The Army Says Social Networking Is A Sign Of Radicalism

10/4/12  Facebook Caught Selling YOUR Personal Information

10/3/12  Geologists Spend $1 Billion To Reach The Earth's Mantle

10/1/12  Chinese Hackers Hack White House Military Office Used For Nuclear Commands

9/23/12  Scientists Have Successfully Hacked the Human Brain to Retrieve Data

9/21/12  Germany Finds More Malicious Code In Internet Explorer

9/19/12  NASA Developing Real Life Warp Drive Within Our Lifetime!

9/12/12  Facebook Trackers: Ad Targeting or Spying

9/4/12  Anonymous: FBI Spying On Apple Customers And Here’s The Proof

9/3/12  The Apple iPhone Will Soon Decide When You Can and Cannot Use Your Camera

8/30/12  Harvard University Takes First Steps Toward Human Cyborgs

8/22/12  Law Enforcements New Undercover Agent: Your Smartphone

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