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1/23/14- Reports Pour In that Guccifer, the Hacker Against the Illuminati, Has Been Arrested  
Motivated by a quest to expose suspected associates of the Illuminati and alleged supporters of a New World Order, political talking heads and other notable wealthy have been quite leery of the unknown hacker who went by the name of Guccifer. Until very recently, the hacker was able to covertly infiltrate the email accounts and other online correspondences of the likes of Colin Powell and former U.S. President George W. Bush, whose revealing hobby paintings were made public for all to see. Reports confirm that Guccifer has been arrested.
10/18/13- Mondelez International May Use Microsoft Kinect to Track Your Snack Buying Habits  
A couple of months ago, the video game system Kinect made headlines with the upcoming release of the Xbox One, which was to reportedly possess the capabilities to 'spy on' the activities in a household even when the system was not in use. The company has since modified some of the restrictions and abilities of the system, but the Kinect software is still making waves in discussions regarding the possible invasion of privacy, and this time, it has nothing to do with video games.
10/9/13- The Future Could Bring Nano-Chips Placed in the Body that Monitor Your Health (and Possibly Other Things?)  
Health is a topic of conversation in America that will get many people's ear perking up, as we live in a society that is ultra-conscious of our appearance, longevity, and overall physical wellbeing. We spend our hard-earned money on the latest anti-aging trends and undergo procedures to add years to our lives. Rarely questioning the possible side effects or repercussions, we generally accept the latest advancements in technology without questioning just how far it can go. The latest scientific achievement of concern? A nano-chip that can monitor your cells, and aid in determining just how healthy you are.
10/8/13- Researchers Tested GMO 'Golden Rice' on Kids Without Parents Knowing it's Genetically Modified  
When it comes to the foods we eat, Americans and the rest of the world are treading a fine line between FDA-approved healthiness and the effects of dangerously greedy companies concerned only with lining their pockets with green. In an effort to produce stronger, pest-resistant crops and intentionally prevent Mother Nature from doing her duty, big business is constantly finding ways to cut corners. Most recently, the issue of GMO (genetically modified) rice being tested on kids without a parent's consent is stirring up heated debates regarding a biotech invention known as 'Golden Rice.'
9/24/13- Is the 'Future of Entertainment' Just Another Ploy to Breach Our Privacy?  
If you've ever seen the Tom Cruise science fiction flick 'Minority Report,' then you know that movie-goers have already been introduced to the concept that the future may bring elite police and military units that have highly advanced methods of tracking people and dealing with crime. Some of the extreme equipment and tools that characters in the film used to bring criminals to justice involved a wearable and wireless progressive form of technology. In recent headlines, a startup company in Canada would like to use this same 'interface' style for product creating a lot of buzz within the entertainment industry.
9/22/13- Video Game Grand Theft Auto V Incorporates Illuminati Symbolism  
We already know that the Grand Theft Auto franchise has a reputation for glorifying violence and depraved behavior, such as inflicting bodily harm, obscene language, using weapons, and of course…stealing cars, but there's something else disturbing about the latest installment of the ultra-popular video game title. Not only do you get the same type of game play in Grand Theft Auto V, but the symbolism and support for a certain secret society is also gaining quite a bit of attention.
8/13/13- Big Brother in a Trash Bin?  
We've all known that hidden cameras are situated on street corners and grocery stores, and you may have heard about clothing store mannequins 'watching' the moves of shoppers in California, but did you know that some people are being tracked by trash cans? In London, an advertising firm has been recently ordered to immediately cease the use of a system of high-tech trash cans that have the ability to track people as they walk through the financial district in the city. This is just another example of how far the government and companies will go to pinpoint your every move, as well as breach your personal privacy.
5/29/13- The Latest in Mind Control – Using the Brain to Create 3D Objects  
We already know that the power of the mind is extraordinary, and scientists are constantly amazed by it. Now, the latest in mind control innovations will include the first physical object created by the power of the mind – thanks to a tech company in Chile. A 'creative group' of thinkers belonging to Thinker Thing have recently announced their success this May – creating a physical object that uses a brain-computer interface headset. The question is – what does this kind of technological advancement mean for the future?
3/24/13- Have you Heard of Guccifer – A Politicians' Worst Nightmare?  
One of the latest mysteries in the world of politics is the identity of a hacker who successfully infiltrated into the email and other online accounts of well-known political personalities. Known by his or her online name of 'Guccifer,' the hacker's motives to be appear aimed at some of the most elite members of politics in Washington, DC. Described as an 'Illuminati-obsessed hacker' – Guccifer has targeted the likes of Hillary Clinton and Colin Powell.
3/8/13- Advanced Technology Includes Spy Drones the Size of Bumblebees and Shape of Mosquitos  
Warmer weather approaching in the spring and summer season means the mosquitoes will come out to terrorize family picnics, camping trips, and other outdoor activities. However, if the military and government have their way, you may one day have to take a really good look at the insect hovering overhead. Drone technology is advancing at an impressive rate, and already the government's and military's watchful eye includes much more than the average surveillance aircraft.
10/30/12- In 2 Months, If You Pirate Copyrighted Content, Your Internet Provider Will Make You Walk The Plank  
Your internet provider has secretly been making huge legal strides in identifying unknown pirates who are downloading illegal copyrighted content using your internet connection. In as little as 2 months, you will soon be getting warning letters to cease and desist, even if you are knowingly or not knowingly downloading copyrighted content. You might even have to go to court to defend yourself. Not only is this a clear violation concerning internet rights, but soon what will be stopping them from collecting private information about you? It seems that internet privacy will soon be a thing of the past.
10/26/12- The UN Calls For Worldwide Internet Surveillance To Fight Terrorism  
The United Nations is calling for worldwide internet surveillance to help fight terrorism. They believe that the purpose of this crusade is to stop terrorist "propaganda" from being posted on frequented sites, like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. But does protecting the public against terrorists mean the sacrifice of our internet privacy? You'll be surprised what our elected officials have said.
10/5/12- 5,000 Year Old Vimana Flying Machine Discovered In Afghanistan  
Reports are coming out that an ancient flying machine called a "vimana" has been discovered entrapped in a "time well" in Afghanistan. The most disturbing part of this news is that the American soldiers who discovered it suddenly disappeared when removing it. Could these machines be the remarkable flying ships described an ancient India folklore? And could there be a connection to something even extraterrestrial?
10/5/12- The Army Says Social Networking Is A Sign Of Radicalism  
The Army says that if you use social networking than you might be a terrorist. Or at least its one of the signs of future terrorism. A new study conducted by the Army has made a list of warning signs in order to stop future catastrophes. But is the use of social networking really mean that your ideals lean toward radicalism. This study just might surprise you.
10/4/12- Facebook Caught Selling YOUR Personal Information  
Since Facebook's stock hit the market, it has been in steady decline every month. This company that was once bolstered as one of the most powerful companies in the world has suddenly sunk to a new low: selling your personal information. An investigation is at hand because changes to Facebook's privacy section was not disclosed to the public properly. So the next time you feel the need to let the world know how your feeling or what you like, be careful, cause someone will be watching.
10/3/12- Geologists Spend $1 Billion To Reach The Earth's Mantle  
If you seen the movie "The Core" then you remember the epic journey that geologists undertook to reach the earth's core to save the planet. Well this is like the that story except it's real and it's only to the mantle. Geologists hope to discover not only information on how our planet works but also hope to discover information to predict future planetary changes. Hopefully this trip is more educational than apocalyptic.
10/1/12- Chinese Hackers Hack White House Military Office Used For Nuclear Commands  
The White House has confirmed today that last month Chinese hackers were able to hack into the White House Military Office that houses the United States nuclear commands. While the attack was thwarted and no serious damage done, the fact that such a cyber attack against our nuclear deterrent was event thought of really brings to light just how vulnerable our national cyber defenses. If such attacks are a regular occurrence like the White House says, who's to say that the next time they hack into our nuclear commands they don't trigger World War III.
9/23/12- Scientists Have Successfully Hacked the Human Brain to Retrieve Data  
Scientists have been able to successfully hack the human brain to retrieve important data such as bank information or other private information. With the use of a $300 off the shelf device called an Emotiv brain computer interface, a user is shown images on a computer and the device can decipher brain wave activity to find out your deepest darkest secrets. Is this the technology the beginning of a new type of interrogation method against would be terrorists and or criminals or will this technology be abused to suit more sinister motives?
9/21/12- Germany Finds More Malicious Code In Internet Explorer  
The German government urged the public to stop using Microsoft Internet Explorer following the discovery of a bug in the software that makes the computer that it is on vulnerable to hacker attacks. This bug enables hackers to take over the victims computer after its visits a malicious site. Experts fear that the malicious code will spread to all computers around that world. Just more problems for Internet Explorer.
9/19/12- NASA Developing Real Life Warp Drive Within Our Lifetime!  
NASA scientists are starting to develop a real life warp drive like those seen in science fiction. This is no joke. Many NASA physicists say that the concept of traveling light years in the matter of days or weeks might not be that difficult after all. Twenty years ago, the chance of interstellar space travel would of been preposterous to mainstream scientists. Now, it seems that it's not only possible, it's also achievable.
9/12/12- Facebook Trackers: Ad Targeting or Spying  
We all knew that Facebook tracks our every move. We update our status updates, we add photos, we play games, and we do whatever else you can think of. But with the use of a new diagnostic tool that tracks the trackers, it was revealed that Facebook has over 200 trackers watching what you are doing and what your are seeing. Advertisers call it targeting, but in reality, it's spying.
9/4/12- Anonymous: FBI Spying On Apple Customers And Here’s The Proof  
The hacker group Anonymous has just released information that the FBI had in their possession over 12 million unique device identifier codes (UDID) associated with Apple products along with detailed information about the owners that own these Apple products. What is the FBI doing with these Apple customers private information? If you own an Apple product, you might be being watched even as you read this.
9/3/12- The Apple iPhone Will Soon Decide When You Can and Cannot Use Your Camera  
Apple has just been granted a patent that will soon allow the camera on the phone to be disable in certain locations at any time. What kind of areas is up to debate since any location at any time can be designated a no photography area. This means if you want to take some pictures or video at a protest or if your witnessing something that you should not be witnessing the camera on your phone will just shut off. One must wonder if other cellphone makers will soon follow suit.
8/30/12- Harvard University Takes First Steps Toward Human Cyborgs  
Harvard University has successfully blended organic material with electrical components to create the first components to future human and machine integration. What does that mean for humanity in the future? That being controlled like a machine just might become a reality.
8/22/12- Law Enforcements New Undercover Agent: Your Smartphone  
Think that turning your GPS off or taking a picture of your significant other with your smartphone is totally for your own privacy? Think again. Law enforcement not only have the authority to turn your GPS on whenever they want, they can also get information from any smartphone photo you take which is automatically geotagged with your exact coordinates anywhere on the earth. There isn't nothing like the illusion of privacy.
8/16/12- Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots aka Terminators  
The Department of Defense has awarded a contract to Boston Dynamics to develop humanoid robots that can assist in humanitarian situations. But is that all the Department of Defense wants them for? It looks like the Terminator might just be in our future.
8/14/12- George Orwell's 1984 Becoming a Reality in New York  
The city of New York is unveiling a new surveillance system that is not only state of the art its pretty much futuristic. A surveillance system that can not only dive into an individual's, past but might also have the ability to "travel back in time."
8/2/12- Welcome to Clive Palmer's Jurassic Park!  
Billionaire Clive Palmer has had some wild ideas. First, hes building the Titanic II and now he's going to clone dinosaurs. Need a travel destination for 2014?
8/1/12- Is the New Smart Pill the Doctor's Big Brother?  
The FDA has just approved a new digital smart pill that is capable in documenting your every health need imaginable. Soon doctors will be able to monitor your daily health without you ever stepping foot into the doctors office. But what other real world applications does this pill have? And is your health the only thing their concerned about?
7/30/12- The Rise of the Machines Has Just Begun.  
From the Matrix Trilogy to the Terminator franchise, writers have envisioned a world where machines eventually take over the world and eradicate the human race. But we always thought that they would have to have an army of personal mobile weaponized drones to complete their task. Looks like they just got their first one.
6/24/12- What if Time Stops Completely?  
What would happen to the universe if suddenly time stopped? Would it be exactly the way things were before time started? And can an abstract concept like time actually stop? Scientists Jose Senovilla, Marc Mars, and Raul Vera working from the University of Salamanca and University of Basque Country in Spain have proposed that there may be a day in our distant future where time will stop.
6/18/12- Are We Witnessing the Birth of Real AI?  
Technology has provided us with many facsimiles for human life. Computer simulations, artificial intelligence programs, and automated chat-bots all give us the illusion of a communicating thinking being. But what is intelligence? Is it the ability to take pre-programmed information and run through a series of responses in a predictable but human manner? Many believe that life isn't simply a series of programmed responses, but rather a complex system of learning and adapting to new situations. And now one robot - a three foot tall open source research project called iCub - is drawing on human psychology as it not only adapts, but actually learns like a human baby.
6/18/12- The Limits of Cryogenics and the Future  
Cryogenics in science fiction is a process that allows people to pass through long periods of time in what seems to be the blink of an eye. After weeks or sometimes years of being cryogenically frozen, subjects then emerge into a world unfamiliar to them and interesting. The process has been a staple in science fiction mythologies ranging from the Planet of the Apes series to Ridley Scott's Alien series. But will it be possible in our own lifetimes? Could we one day enter a booth and then emerge centuries later completely unharmed to see the world in an advanced state of technological development?
6/14/12- Zombie Cells Discovered that Survive Death  
With all the gruesome news of people waking up at funerals and cannibalism in the spotlight, researchers have made a discovery that may take zombie-phobes one step closer to revising their zombie apocalypse escape strategies. Researchers have found stem cells in cadavers that survived for more than 17 days. The incredible discovery has some potential for medical applications - and some people are wondering if this is going to enter into the dorm room zombie conversations on campuses around the nation.
6/2/12- Metamaterials to Bend Definition of Possible  
When we think about meta-materials and what they may be able to do, it's difficult to imagine them in practice. It's only when scientists actually develop the material that these possibilities suddenly become more concrete and eerie. What if there was a material that expanded when it was supposed to compress - or a piece of paper that folded itself long after you were done applying pressure to it? What might the world's top engineers and inventors be able to do with something that could appear to defy the laws of physics? One day soon we may hold in our hands raw materials that seem to have a life of their own thanks to recent breakthroughs.
5/21/12- NASA Cautions About Asteroid Detection  
As the planet's first Annular Solar Eclipse in 18 years passes over us, NASA is still examining the findings of a recent survey of our immediate orbit. In the exploration, the space agency noted that there could be up to 4,700 potentially hazardous near Earth objects in our vicinity. Of these, only a fraction have been detected. The objects, zooming around our orbit in the space around the Earth could have very real consequences if they ever actually struck the planet, but how concerned are the experts?
5/21/12- Scientists Develop Genetic Code Rewriting Virus  
When we think of the length of time any of us will be on the planet, generally it's in the context of the current abilities of medical science. But imagine if there was a treatment that could be given to a person that allowed them to live much longer. A recent discovery by scientists has allowed them to extend the lives of mice significantly by applying simple gene therapy. But could it work for humans? And what unforeseen consequences may arise? Will we soon begin infecting ourselves with viruses in the hopes of reversing our age?
5/16/12- Scientists Generate Electricity from a Virus!  
Scientists at the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkely Lab have demonstrated that not only algae and bacteria can be genetically engineered to generate electricity, but so can viruses. The demonstration opens new doors for incredibly small and cheap electric power generators. If the idea is further developed, it could mean a whole new generation of electric generators from man-modified viruses. Is this a form of "common cold fusion?"
5/15/12- Road Ready Robot Gets Nevada License to Drive  
Nevada has always been a state with weird news, but this latest technological trend from the city that brought us Las Vegas and Area 51 may top the list. The state is on the fast track toward allowing automated robotic cars to travel its highways after giving its first robotic vehicle, a car designed by Google a license. What effect will these robot roadsters have on traffic? How do they work? And is this move by Nevada just one step toward a much larger move toward increased automation in vehicles?
5/7/12- Chain Mail - That Could End the World  
In the past few decades with the rise of email, the number of outrageous chain letters and hoaxes have reached a fevered pitch. And so chain-letters have gained a reputation for being dubious. But of all the chain letters currently in transit throughout the world wide web, few reach proportions that are quite this apocalyptic. The emails claim if they are not sent in time, the fate of the world itself will hang in the balance.
5/1/12- The Universe's Most Troubling Paradoxes  
The universe seems like a chaotic place. Rules seem to guide a flow of random chances with even known universal laws occasionally overruling and rejecting one another. And on top of all of that the human race has put before itself the task of understanding everything. But somewhere along its journey it's come up with some extremely chilling theories about life the universe and everything.
5/1/12- Lawyer Claims Time Travel Coverup  
Lawyer Andrew Basiago says he has a long history of traveling back in time, and he's been sharing his story with researchers the world over with his shocking allegations. In addition to speaking about subjects ranging from John Titor to his own witnessing of Lincoln's assassination, Basiago recently entered the news circuit once again after claiming that Barack Obama had once teleported to Mars in a secret CIA project operating out of a community college in California.
4/25/12- The Professor That Disproved Reality  
Eventually, in the narrative of the artificial intelligence singularity, computers become so advanced that desktop PCs are able to process with incredible speed beyond the collective brain-power of every man, woman, and child who ever lived. And if this were the case, a proposal known as "simulation theory" suggests that the chances of being a product of one of these simulations is almost guaranteed. So how did one Oxford University Professor call everything in reality into question?
4/21/12- Scientists Demonstrate Sonic Screwdriver Effect  
Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that sound waves can be produced that not only push objects, but can actually rotate them. The principle behind a device for rotating objects through a barrier has been demonstrated for the first time. Very similar is the fictional "sonic screwdriver" of Doctor Who fame.
4/21/12- India Develops New Missile Technology  
There are few things more politically sensitive in the world of international politics than the subject of nuclear weapons. So it is with some surprise that the world responds to the development of India's Agni V rocket in such a different way given the climate of only a few decades ago when similar tests were met with heavy sanctions and fear. India has come a long way in a nuclear world.
4/21/12- Good News: Is Humanity Getting Better?  
When we hear news, typically it's because something has happened - and more often than not it's bad. Does this mean the world we live in is getting worse or better? How are we all treating one another? And are things as bad as the evening news would suggest?
4/20/12- Device Could Provide Deep Space Medicine for Astronauts  
Space stations in the future may not depend on a stockpile of drugs from well stocked medical kits, but rather actually print "on-demand" chemicals for medical purposes. The latest development from scientists may allow future explorers the ability to design and print chemical bonds in a virtual 3D printer. And the limitations of the device don't end with Mars.
4/17/12- Artificial Intelligence: The Engine of Rapture?  
When we think about artificial intelligence, one of the things we have to work with is the image portrayed by the media of how the consciousness may behave. Generally the narrative follows a similar plot arch as Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The builder of the AI carefully crafts his machine and then, short of screaming "It's alive!" watches in wonder as the entity begins acting autonomously - often with tremendous destructive effect. But will the real development of AI be quite so simple? Or will there be a bit more warning as the technology improves gradually?
4/15/12- Quantum Link Communication Demonstrated by Scientists  
One of the biggest problems with communications technology may soon be solved. Scientists working on one of the earliest forms of discrete quantum communication have demonstrated that the principle working behind instantaneous long-distance communication is possible. And not only that, the future may include forms of communication that are impossible to intercept.
4/11/12- Dolphin Die-Off Impacts Peru  
A large number of dolphins have been discovered on the coast of Peru with an unexplained similar injury on all of them. Unlike the previous mass die-offs of 2011, this most recent event has the dolphins all exhibiting signs of rupturing to their middle ear. The tragedy has been unfolding to be the largest die-off of dolphins in recorded history - and no one knows the cause.

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