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Mysterious $1 Billion Ghost Town Construction to Begin 2014
Posted In: Technology Articles  4/3/12
By: Chris Capps

Even in the high deficit world of 2012 where budgets are counted out in the tens-of-trillions rather than the billions, one project is still raising a few eyebrows both for its scope and its apparent purpose.  Scientists are hoping to design and build a town capable of populating around 30,000 people equipped with everything necessary to sustain a population - and leave it completely empty.  The project is supposed to be a study for testing new infrastructure methods - a sort of scientist's playground complete with houses, telephone lines, a power grid, and furnished homes.

The location of the isolated ghost town has been a subject of interest for a great many people.  Currently the project has been narrowed down from 16 potential targets to only two.  The project is expected to be located either on the border between New Mexico and Texas or the Las Cruces in southern New Mexico.  The Ghost City, to be created by the Center for Innovation, Technology, and Testing will fill out somewhere around 15 square miles. 

The reason being given for the massive construction project is to offer a place for future communications, security, and other technologies to be tested.  Further adding to the strange nature of this project are the other places which will be located nearby.  New Mexico is home to several government facilities including White Sands Missile Range, Sandia Labs, and the legendary UFO hotspot Los Alamos National Security Lab - known for itself having several ties to the Roswell Incident.

In 2011, "The Center" as it was being called was said to be a renewable energy project.  The fact that now so much interest is being paid to the security elements seems - to say the least - odd.  It's easy to see how a project like this could become a centerpiece for conspiracy theories.  As it will be dealing with emerging technologies, there will no doubt be some level of secrecy involved.  Furthermore, the remote area, the proximity to military installations, and the fact that the city will be an eerie 5 square mile abandoned looking city kept in perfect order to facilitate the projects within could easily turn a few heads.

This isn't the first abandoned town to be designed for the purpose of scientific exploration.  Three state borders away the Nevada Proving Grounds were designated in the early stages of the atomic bomb to examine the survivability of structures in 1951.  The structures were likewise complete with mannequins, furniture, houses, and other rudimentary structures to test the effects of atomic blasts on buildings of variable structural integrity.  Contrary to popular belief, the site was (at one time) home to over a thousand buildings, though many of them were completely destroyed. 

But the new site is being described as a purely scientific venture for better city planning and technological integration rather than war-time testing.  This interesting project will no doubt have many people asking questions wanting to know more about how detailed this model of a town will become and the studies going on within it.


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