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October's E-Cat Could Alter History Forever
Posted In: Technology Articles  10/7/11
By: Chris Capps

We've already seen a number of scientific progressions in recent months that could one day prove to change the world, but the proposed Rossi Focardi E-Cat cold fusion energy catalyzer designed to begin producing energy later this month could very well be the most extraordinary change the world has seen since in over a generation.  The energy catalyzer hopes to make cold fusion a reality and build a one megawatt power plant using the materials stored within a single shipping container.  Could this be the solution to the world's problems made reality?  With free energy would come a great change in the power scale of the entire globe.

The E-Cat was originally met with a great deal of skepticism when it was first hooked up.  And if the invention seemed problematic to start with the behavior of the overwhelmingly careful scientists certainly didn't help matters much.  Yet still after several demonstrations where engineers and scientists were allowed to study the device, the verdict is quickly closing in on the E-Cat generator with mixed and yet extremely hopeful results.  The device uses a method not entirely dissimilar to cold fusion to release energy from matter and turn it into electricity.  And yet free energy, long thought to be the holy grail of inventions in the 21st century, would be an overly ambitious choice of words for what really goes on in the Rossi/Focardi E-Cat generator.

Those analyzing the claims made about the device state that they have had a great deal of difficulty illuminating a few of the darker points in the analysis of how the machine works.  The jury is still out on whether or not this device does what it claims.  These essentially break down into one of two points.  Either the device operates utilizing laws of  chemistry that are not entirely understood in the mainstream or it is an outright scam and ploy to make money.  But if it is the latter, the course of action taken by the two inventors would have been an overwhelmingly strange one.

With the world desperately in need of a free energy device that would allow the world to finally close the book on oil, or at least dedicate it to the manufacturing field.  And that desperation does show in some ways.  Of course before we dismiss it entirely as a wholesale lie, we must remember the other systems that were thought previously impossible - most of which turned out to be world changing in themselves.  Nuclear fission, radio, electricity, and antibiotics were all considered incredible and yet impossible miracles.  With their creation, however, the world had to quickly revise the way it did things and progressed considerably.  All of these inventions and discoveries are still used even today.  So could the Energy Catalyzer be the next invention to change the world forever?  With the demonstration happening later this month at an undisclosed location inside a facility no larger than a shipping container, we may soon find out.


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