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Category: True Stories

7/14/13  MythBusters Denied RFID Study By Elite- VIDEO

7/8/13  Nesara - 150 MILLION Dollar Bond PROOF

6/23/13  Texas Pond Cluttered With Dead Fish

6/23/13  Michael Hastings Car Crash VIA Remote Cellular Connection?

6/22/13  Obama Starts WAR With Catholics

6/20/13  Monsanto Wins World Food Prize Award For Poisoning The World

11/7/12  Simpsons Predicts 2012 Election With 98% Accuracy... HMMMM

11/5/12  MTV Really Stands For Masonic TV

11/5/12  Millitary Hurricane Relief Workers BOOTED - Victoria Secret Show and Bieber More Important!

11/2/12  Peter Santilli blasts Richard Gotlieb, - Bankster Lawyer In The $43 Trillion Abeel Vs. BOA Case

10/27/12  CNBC Published Eric Holder and Bankers $43 TRILLION Lawsuit and Kids Get MURDERED!!

10/25/12  Homeland Security Searching For "2012 Alien Attack" and More! Video Proof...

10/22/12  Michael Jackson Was Murdered By Illuminati Music Industry

10/3/12  Best Place To Use Voice Analysis Lie Detector Technology? How About Tonight's Presidential Debate!

10/2/12  Paranoid Man Kills Entire Family Over Fear Of Obama Reelection

9/4/12  Yellowstone Supervolcano to Blame for Recent Earthquake Activity

8/30/12  Harvard University Takes First Steps Toward Human Cyborgs

8/24/12  Brain Eating Amoeba That Kills 99% of Cases Found In Tap Water

8/22/12  West Nile Virus Set To Have Record Year in the United States

8/17/12  Report: Russian Submarine Patroling Gulf of Mexico

8/17/12  West Nile Outbreaks Spreading in Texas and Illinois

8/16/12  Pentagon Developing Autonomous Humanoid Robots aka Terminators

8/16/12  The New Black Panthers Calling for Mass Killings of Caucasian Americans

8/14/12  Mystery Illness Leaves Woman with Fingernails Instead of Hair

8/2/12  Welcome to Clive Palmer's Jurassic Park!

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