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Did the Aliens Land at Baalbek?
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  6/22/15

Baalbek, situated at an altitude of 3,840 ft, is located in Lebanon and the site of one of the world’s most enduring mysteries. The megaliths at Baalbek are thought to be far older than the ruins of the Greek and Roman temples in the area. The huge stones found at Baalbek weigh more than a thousand tons and it appears improbable that the ancients had the technology to move such massive monoliths from one spot to another.

And when one considers that the Roman temple in Baalbek is constructed on the foundation of stones that are among the largest ever hewn in the history of humanity, then one wonders if this is the work of gods, humans, or aliens.

The temple in question is the Temple of Jupiter, which measures 88 x 48 meters and on one side of its podium there are three gigantic stones, collectively known as the Trilithon. Close to the temple lies a huge stone, known as the Stone of the South, it weighs a massive 1000 tons.

Votaries of the ancient astronaut theory believe that the platform over which the Romans erected their temple was once a landing pad for spacecraft that aliens used while visiting our planet. The trilithons form a part of the foundation and till date archaeologists have not been able to correctly assign their construction to a civilization. Intriguingly, the three stones that served as the foundation of the Roman temple are actually resting on a foundational bed and at one time were raised platform. The question is, for what? There are no other sites that mirror Baalbek. Most importantly, there are no historical references to this engineering marvel in Roman texts. If the Romans or Greeks actually did accomplish this feat, they would surely have left a detailed record of it for posterity. But no, there is no evidence of any written material on how the huge monoliths of Baalbek were moved into place.

Also, why did the Romans choose this site so far removed from the center of their empire to build the largest ever temple in the honor of Jupiter? Perhaps, because this site was always sacred. Why was it sacred? Maybe the answer can be found in the epic of Gilgamesh.

The claim of ancient astronaut theorists is given credence by a text no less than the epic of Gilgamesh which mentions Baalbek as the site of alien landings. And Gilgamesh himself testified to seeing aliens rise into the sky in their crafts.


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