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Alien Abduction
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  1/2/08
By: Nabanita

Aliens are generally used to describe the extraterrestrial organisms living outside the earth and are non human in origin. Several interesting phenomenon rather frightening is narrated by imagining the alien visits to earth.

Alien abduction is the phenomenon by which such aliens enter the body of human beings and cause changes in them. Alien abduction is experienced by people in different ways. Some explain it to be very interesting while others narrate it as fearful experiences. Many even say that is only an illusion. But there are different real life incidents narrated that support alien abduction occurrences. A general experience is a physical transition of a feeling of having sex with aliens and reproduction in that way.

General behavior of people with alien abduction varies greatly. There are symptoms of paralysis or on the other end a violent exhibition of character. Some people seem to exhibit sever tension or stress. There are extreme cases where the people live in dreams and they move around as if in a fantasy world. They won’t disturb others in any way, but they don’t like anyone to disturb them also.

The alien abduction is generally reported as sleeping paralysis. That is happened when people say that they felt a presence of a second body or suffer a pain in the body. They feel difficult in movements. Even they say that they experienced a sex with someone else and that the person was not human. There are nuns who say an experience of alien abduction from evil beings. There are ladies who say that they have wicked powers because of an alien residing inside them. 

The problem of alien abduction was often questioned as an extreme case of superstitious beliefs. They are happening due to extreme faith in religion or some powers. But the supporters often argue that it is the belief in God that is the sole reason for life. If it is true, then the existence of life outside earth is also true. These gained importance now in this century. This importance arose when man found out that a travel between earth and other planets are possible and there is a high chance that extra terrestrial beings come from outside and kidnap people.

This is not a psychiatric problem to deal with. It is often seen that a high influence of any religion or religious priests are seen on people having alien abduction. Nuns fall under this category of influenced by monks. They believe in the myths that the religion follow and narrate that in the dreams, they felt the presence of someone with them.

Often there is no solid evidence to prove the alien abduction. People are explaining their experience and it can or cannot be believed. It is left to the listeners. But there are certain physical evidences in the bodies of the victims of alien abduction. There are imprints on their bodies and marks of body parts said to be of aliens’. There are fungus and fissures in proof of alien visit to the earth. These evidences provoke scientists as they fail to give an explanation. Thus this insists on the alien abduction phenomenon.

Hypnosis enters into the deep areas of human memories and takes the complete narration of what happened. It is wonderful that if the monks or priests hear about these sorts of abduction they generally support alien abduction and inculcate the interest of people in an alien life in them. It is quite easy to relieve people from these thoughts. When they are living in the fantasy world, a realization of the real world will surely help them to come out of the disturbances of alien abduction.

Alien abduction is a part of the human life. There can be controversies in this concept. But certain incidents prove the existence of alien abduction in human life. This phenomenon is often accepted by certain people without any problem in normal life. They take it as a part of their beliefs and faiths.


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