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Aliens Cure Leukemia
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  9/24/09
By: Greg Zagula

A woman from Brazil has an amazing story to tell.  She claims that she was abducted by aliens.  While on the ship, she says that the aliens had cured her of cancer.  The woman was also pregnant.  The type of cancer she had was leukemia.

"They saved my life and the life of my child," Greta Brandt, 34, told reporters in Berlin, Germany.

"My own doctors said we were doomed and there was nothing they could do for us."

"But those strange men knew exactly what to do. They used all sorts of strange lights and instruments to cure me of the killer leukemia."

Dr. Frans Wenderoth, the woman’s obstetrician, confirmed that she developed leukemia.  He also confirmed that she doesn't have the cancer anymore.  The doctor refused to believe her alien abduction story.  The doctor does say, "that something miraculous must have happened to have given her this cure."

Mrs. Brandt is still stcking to her alien abduction story.  She said that there were four aliens that worked on her on the ship.  She says that they preformed terrifying medical procedures on her, before letting her off the ship. She claims that the aliens did not harm her in any way.

"I found out that I was pregnant and had leukemia on the same day in December," said Mrs. Brandt.

"In fact, I had just about made up my mind to take my own life when two men with long pointed noses and ears approached me as I was getting into my car."

"When I turned toward them they looked at me with piercing black eyes and motioned me to follow."

"I wanted to resist but couldn’t. They seemed to have a strange power over me that I couldn’t shake off."

According to mant newpapers, the women follewed the men into an empty lot, not to far from her home.  She was then taken into a saucer like spaceship, that had a pulsating blue light.  She said the ship was the size of a school bus.
When she was inside the spaceship they took here into a dark round room.  In the room she was placed on a padded table and then she was strapped onto the table.

"One of them pulled a large instrument and light down from the ceiling and pointed it in my face."

"I didn’t feel any pain but the men were so frightening I must have passed out."

When Mrs. Brandt woke up she was sitting in her own backyard!  Five hours had passed. And the only evidence that anything had ever happened to her was a very small needle mark in her right temple.

“Whoever or whatever those men were I want to thank them with all my heart,” said Mrs. Brandt.

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