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Blue Beam - A Different Take on Alien Invasion
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  9/22/11
By: Chris Capps

As if the concept of alien invasion didn't seem precarious enough for the human race there has recently been an information campaign suggesting that at some point in the near future there will be an invasion hoax to move people to follow the government and mobilize against a great but ultimately phantom threat.  But the thought gets even more complex when we consider the possibility that such a claim could in itself be a hoax as well.  Like a layered onion of conspiracies, it seems the core of may never come to light if an invasion were to actually occur.

Alien invasion is the core behind several conspiracy theories.  It is the ultimate military action from an ultimate enemy - one which most experts suggest we would have no hope of defeating if they had indeed mastered the art of space travel.  So what are we to think in this mangled twisted wreckage of conspiracy on top of conspiracy?  Well if it were a hoax, it certainly wouldn't be the first perpetrated with the intention of mobilizing a large group of people to act.  This was seen just prior to World War II with the destruction of the Reichstag in Nazi Germany.

But the alleged project Blue Beam claims suggest the plan is far more advanced than that.  Blue Bean is said to be a ploy to make everyone on Earth (with the exception of the leaders at the controls of the machine) to believe they are being shown all deities projected into the sky with a series of holographic lasers.  These will then merge into one before the frightened eyes of the witnesses, and then information will come forward through extremely low frequency (ELF) vibrations to convince people that they are hearing the voice of their new deity.  This will preemptively change the minds of everyone on the planet about their own path in life and they will immediately begin serving the far larger purpose of fighting off an alien invasion.

Of course there are also several questions about the proposed plan.  For instance, who would benefit?  The answer is none other than the legendary Illuminati, who would then take control of the people and either force them into a form of slavery for the greater good or they would be driven insane by the voices that broke down from the heavens and their own self-doubt.  Humanity would become more uniformed and drive their way into the stars by deception in the single largest experiment ever seen on our planet to engage in another.

But skeptics suggest it's a plot - not from the government, but rather Gene Roddenberry best known as the creator of the classic television and film series Star Trek.  In a screenplay eventually adapted for the Next Generation Series in episode "The Devil's Due" which aired in 1991.  The source then was channeled through Canadian journalist Serge Monast.  Monast died in 1996, but after a series of lectures and websites his revelation is more popular now than ever.  Of course only time will tell if this theory truly holds any water.


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