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Mysterious Space Debris Seized by Brazil Authorities
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  2/26/12
By: Chris Capps

A mysterious unidentified falling object has crash landed in Brazil, and video of the object has been uploaded online.  The sphere's original purpose is unknown, but it appears to have been crafted artificially.  And it's deeply scored with burns and abrasions that appear to have been caused during its fall.  Was this object dropped from space by an accident?  And could it be related to the recently destroyed Phobos Grunt?  Or is it something else entirely?

Shortly after the object descended from the sky it was swarmed by some twenty villagers from nearby.  By the time authorities arrived, an estimated 2,000 people from the surrounding Maranhao area had gathered to examine the mysterious piece of debris from the sky.  After news of the object became more widespread, soon Brazilian authorities arrived and took the object to a barracks in Matta Roma.  Without the proper equipment to analyze the device, they do not know what it might be.  If it's from a satellite, it will be difficult to determine without knowing which one it could have come from.

Video of the object being handled by locals has been uploaded to Youtube.  One of the interesting parts of the object is the nozzle at the end visible at the 1:18 mark.  It almost looks as though it has a faucet handle like those seen on deep sea diving suits, or would be threaded to another piece of equipment.  At the same time, this part of the object is too badly burned to positively identify what it is meant for.

While the mystery is by no means solved, there are a number of people looking into it that suggest it may be related to the recent reentry of Russia's Fobos Grunt.  While the Russian military Air and Space Defense Forces stated that the probe reentered the atmosphere and plummeted somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, previous concerns suggested that it could have reached much closer to Argentina.

While the Grunt was never actually seen reentering or crashing into the ocean, calculations published by the Russian authorities said it would be safe.  Civilian Ballistic experts, suggested that fragments of the object could have spread out, well into Brazil - including where the mystery object was found.

The man who found the mysterious ball, Jose Mendez, said just before he found the object he heard a tremendous explosion and found the object smoking in a small crater.  At first he thought it might be some sort of meteor, but soon discovered that it was of apparently artificial design.

What is this mysterious object?  Was it a part of the Fobos Grunt?  Or could it have been something else entirely?  While it is a strange curiosity, the Brazilian military certainly seemed to take an interest in it quickly.  Some commenters on the Youtube video have suggested that now it is out of the public eye, it will likely never be seen again.  And if it wasn't part of the recently downed Russian probe, what could it be?  Some have even suggested it could be a small part of a much larger crashed ship - one not of this Earth.


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