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California Witnesses: "There Were Four Lights"
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  12/11/10
By: Chris Capps

Three witnesses have shared their strange encounter with the website MUFON where they not only saw a UFO, but soon witnessed similar objects shortly afterward that appeared to be following them.  The witnesses report that the objects appeared shortly after they started heading home from a gold hunting trip in Squaw Valley just Northeast of Fresno.  The object the witnesses saw at first appeared to be like a planet of sphere in the sky, but soon it became apparent that the object was something else entirely.

It all started as the witnesses started heading home on Highway 36 just as the sun was setting.  As they drove along shortly after the sun had finally set, the witness in the backseat, who had been trying to get some sleep, suddenly turned back and exclaimed that she could see something strange above the mountain they had just passed.  The mysterious object almost appeared to the driving witness (who was the one to write the report) like the planet Venus.  Normally spotting the planet Venus would not be a very noteworthy story, but when the object that they had assumed to be Venus suddenly started drifting over the mountain toward them they suddenly felt very excited.  The object suddenly slowed and from it four smaller blue lights emerged and shot off in different directions.  Within only a few moments the blue lights were surrounding the vehicle as the witnesses drove on.

In awe, the witnesses watched as the small blue lights started slowly to converge on their vehicle, approaching it as though they were located in a quickly diminishing radius around it.  After the blue objects were around the car the yellow craft that had released these blue lights darted back behind the mountain.  As the witnesses continued to watch the blue orbs, they wondered what would happen next.  The blue lights shortly after that dispersed, but the witnesses would soon see the objects again.

The main reporting witness says that since the events that took place on August 12 of this year, they have spotted the blue objects several times streaking through the sky and coming near them.  And so the question must be asked, what were these strange blue objects?  And why do they seem to be following this witness?  While we cannot provide any conclusive answers to this question, we can speculate on the purpose or possible cause of such a brilliant aerial display.

Is it possible the objects were sent to monitor the witnesses?  Or were they more likely sent as a means to communicate with them?  Is it possible these lights were somehow an unknown electrical phenomenon that are attached directly to the witnesses themselves?  Aside from coming out and following the witnesses there is very little information to draw conclusions from in this case.  We can only hope the witnesses are able to see these objects again at a moment when they have a video camera in their possession so they can share the experience with a public eager for answers on this perplexing phenomenon.


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