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Crop Circle Appears Near Stonehenge
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  7/18/11
By: Chris Capps

Stonehenge has always been one of those incredible sites that has inspired people for generations to continue moving forward in their spiritual development.  It is seen as a sort of place of pilgrimage for certain practicing druids as well as others like them who are interested in the ancient history of the Celts.  And now they are teaming up with UFO watchers and crop circle enthusiasts who are investigating the strange crop circle that appeared just outside the ancient site earlier this month.

Stonehenge is one of those monuments that exudes mystery.  The moment you step near it, the majesty of the stones and the sheer mystery of the history behind it are almost too much to process.  And yet after a long investigation spanning several generations, few answers have definitively arisen.  And now yet another mystery has been thrown into the mix.  Just what caused a 200 foot crop circle to suddenly appear from nowhere just across the road?  As with other crop circles in the past, this latest one has its share of theories to go along with it.

Over the years several have said that these strange formations are the work of extraterrestrials interested in communicating.  They are said to create the crop circles either from a distance or by hovering over them beaming down bolts of energy that impact and transform the individual stalks of the crops themselves.  The symbols involved have indeed seemed to betray some thus far undecoded message left behind by mysterious alien visitors - often appearing as strands of almost human, but noticeably altered DNA, the answers to longtime mathematical riddles, and even pixilated images of alien visitors themselves.  Currently the theory that aliens may be behind the crop circle phenomenon is widely held in the UFO community.

But there are other theories as well, including the possibility that the crops could be coming from a thus far unexplained natural weather phenomenon such as influence from the Earth’s magnetic field or possibly by geological disturbances.  The strangest part of this theory is that it seemingly suggests that either these forces have a conscious mind and even a sense of humor or deception, or that the crop circles involving extraterrestrial intelligence and mathematical answers are one of the largest coincidences in the history of the world.  Or these ones are simply hoaxes.

But whatever the cause, the crop circle near Stonehenge is generating its fair share of puzzled looks and much attention from UK media sources.  The crop circle is comprised of three different circles surrounded by twelve sections arranged in a larger circle and a ring surrounding it.  The three circles are divided in half circles and could possibly be referring either to moon phases, seasons, or something else entirely.  In 2012 most sources suggest we will be seeing more crop circles related to the Mayan calendar regardless of the source as the circles in the past have been arranged in ways that seem to respond to Earthly events in the consciousness of humanity.


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