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Did a UFO Just Crash in California?
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  9/14/11
By: Chris Capps

Whether it's an alien spacecraft or not will no doubt be an ongoing battle, but local news agencies are ablaze about the mysterious object that suddenly appeared in the night sky over California and crashed to the ground.  And as if the skies were egging on the controversy similar sightings of lights in the sky and lights falling to Earth have been reported in several areas around the globe tonight, with particular attention being paid to the American Southwest.  And the strangeness doesn't end there.

This bizarre story reads more like something out of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds broadcast as witnesses report a mysterious object suddenly plummeting to the Earth with incredible speed in a rural area witnessed by thousands and even photographed  by eyewitnesses.  After the event several witnesses are drawing a correlation between the mysterious crash and the strange object videotaped by ABC 15 over Arizona.  In both cases the mystery only deepened when the National Weather Service was contacted only to learn there were no meteor showers or similar events predicted for this time frame.

And now witnesses are setting Twitter ablaze with their own experiences directly observing the object.  Witnesses who saw the object report it was likely too small to actually survive impact with the Earth as it was seen streaking across the sky.  And speculation over whether the objects being reported are all the same one or are actually different meteors is growing.

But the object did reportedly survive its descent and was seen as having a blueish green color to it as it descended on the area between Palm Springs and Lake Havasu.  There have been reports in the past of bright glowing green or blue meteorites, but this phenomenon is generally not an accepted color for meteorites.  The infamous Condon report even attempted to tackle the issue in an attempt to quell the curiosity surrounding these strange objects by suggesting they could be nothing more than moon fragments hitting the Earth at a far lower speed than would be ordinarily seen.  Of course the explanation never quite addressed the most pressing question - how the strange fireballs could be green.

Green meteorites have been seen scattered throughout the globe since the 1940s, but never in numbers quite as dramatic as those being reported from the Southwest.  Are we seeing an entirely new phenomenon?  is it possible this strange unidentified flying object could be something more than just a meteor?

Twitter feeds have also started suggesting the area around where the object is thought to have landed may be glowing an odd color.  Still others are reporting seeing a large number of helicopters surrounding the region.  As if this UFO story didn't seem strange or iconic enough, these same reports are suggesting the helicopters are black and completely silent as they tear through toward the object.


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