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Ghosts of Roswell

By Chris Capps    5/12/10

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The town of Roswell New Mexico is most famous for its proximity to an alleged alien craft which crashed there in July of 1947.  But those who have lived long in the area also tell of another paranormal phenomenon that haunts the streets of Roswell.  The ghosts of Roswell are seen today as much as ever, and one venture even offers the "Roswell Ghost Tour" to allow visitors looking to visit the historic location of the alleged crashed alien disc to see strange phenomena of another sort while they're in town.  Of course this raises an interesting question: if aliens really did crash in the desert near Roswell, could their spirits be lingering in the desert sands as well?

Famous ghost stories in the town of Roswell New Mexico include one family who reports a longstanding encounter with a mysterious arm that appears inside their home and around their property when least expected.  On a dare, two brothers slept in a shed in order to prove no ghosts existed in that location.  When 4:00 am came around, one of the brothers got uneasy and snuck out of the shed leaving the other alone to fend for himself.  Shortly afterward the brother who remained in the shed started screaming.  He was found on the lawn moments later in ripped clothing.  He said the crawling arm had grabbed him and dragged him outside.  When the family said he had just had a bad dream, they noticed deep claw-marks running up his back.  After the incident they decided to tear down the shed.  Later, the family would build an extension to their house onto the location.  Another incident with the mysterious arm saw a family member witnessing the mysterious arm pulling one of the house's small children underneath a television.  After a brief struggle the child was rescued, leaving behind a torn blanket as the only evidence.

There is another haunted location on the corner of 5th and Garden Street which never has occupants for more than 6 months.  The blue house is the seemingly permanent abode of a strange apparition that appears to the residents, hides objects throughout the house, and speaks in whispers to those visiting or living there.  The ghosts within the house are a woman named Melinda and her husband whose name varies according to whoever is telling the story.

But most interesting is the lack of reports relating to the creatures, whatever they may have been, that were aboard the craft that allegedly was aboard the craft that crashed in the desert outside Roswell in 1947.  If the same rules apply to extraterrestrial creatures that apply to humans, is it not possible that a psychic could make "first contact" with a deceased entity by merging the art of mediumship and UFO hunting?  Perhaps it would be a positive move toward peace with visiting alien races if the creature who died there was "guided into the light" as many mediums do.  And if nothing else, it would prove an interesting experiment.

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