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Boise UFOs- More Confirmation..
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  3/2/11
By: Bill Gray

I just read the article regarding a UFO seen over Boise.

I want to report that I also saw the object but at an earlier time of the year. I did not see it on the October date but earlier around the end of July. I was having a yard sale in NW Boise, near Hill Road and 36th St. I was bored and so to pass the time I had brought my binoculars out to the yard and was glassing the hillsides north of my home. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon, when as I glassed to the northeast, I saw the object that is posted in your article. However, rather than one I saw two of them. They were in close proximity to each other and moving in tandem at about 60 degrees from the eastern horizon and traveling in a northerly direction. They were only visible for a short time before disappearing into the clouds. However,I could see them very clearly and could ascertain that they did not appear to be balloons.

I was in U.S. Navy Air and worked in the airline industry for 11 years. They were not aircraft. After they disappeared into the clouds I ran into the house and told my wife that I had just seen two UFOs. However, I did not attempt to make a report at the time. Seeing this photo brought it all back and I wanted to confirm that I saw the same object.


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