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Incredible Alien/Human Hybrid Children! *part 1*
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  12/6/04

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The following story was discovered by staff, and is currently being investigated for further information. This will be part one of two parts.

"Well then, for all ye doubting folks, here is THE conclusive scientific proof about alien visitations and alien interactions with humans on Planet Earth, which serves as an auxiliary proof for the much debated issue of alien abductions that has generated so much heat and controversy over the net.

I had visited Rajasthan in India as a tourist where I happened to enter into a conversation with a local doctor. As it was a long haul in a near-empty bus, we got talking with each other, and after a few meals together and much bon-homier, we began sharing confidences, at which point when I informed him about my work on aliens, he mentioned a strange set of incidents that he had witnessed in his remote rural health clinic.

The whole issue first came to the good doctor's notice when he commenced making the rounds of the local villages for the immunization of new-born infants and small children. While the villagers were more than co-operative in this endeavor, he noticed that a few children were being deliberately held back from him. As luck would have it, he managed to get hold of one such child, a boy about nine years old, whom he found strangely different, in that, where any other child would have started screaming at such a rude gesture, this boy merely looked back at him, defiant and totally unafraid. He rolled up the sleeves of the child's shirt, and could detect no mark of any immunization. At this point, he decided to take the matter into his hands, and took the boy to the nearest house, asking if they knew about his parents. The man of the house was rather reluctant to speak, but his wife, knowing the good work the doc did in those parts, told him to go to the local landlord's house.

Now, this was a perplexing and fortunate piece of information for him; perplexing because he couldn't understand the reason why the landlord, who had only recently brought his grandson from a nearby hamlet to get him immunized, would refuse to extend that anxiety to this child or grandchild of his, yet fortunate in that he was on good terms with that person and could get to the bottom of the whole thing, a bottom that would shortly prove to be nearly bottomless when it came to challenging his scientific knowledge and convictions.

When the doctor took the child and went to the landlord, the latter immediately realized that the game was up and volunteered the truth. Way back in 1987, [the landlord said], the villagers first spotted the strange lights in the night sky that seemed to bob up and down. At first, the villagers thought these were fighters or helicopters on army exercises, but one night about three of these got into a circling formation and then stood still over a hillock, illuminating it with a bluish-indigo light, and then, zap, just like that, the hillock disappeared. They informed the local police, and after the red tape had finally unwound, a fortnight later, some scientists came to the locale to collect specimens, and then returned after another week. They didn't speak to the villagers, nor did they ask them any questions, but the villagers knew this was something hot from the change in their demeanor. The previous time around, the scientists had come in a desultory, almost bored manner, that sharply contrasted with the excited, near-frenzied pace at which they spoke to each other and collected samples this time. Anyway, they stayed back, with the government hastily constructing some residential blocks in that place, which were later converted into the rural health clinic.

Exactly 120 days from the first zapping of the hillock by the ''strange lights'', a veritable flotilla of these lights descended upon the place, now manned not just by the illiterate villagers, but by the scientists as well. This is where the description slows down into a conspiratorial whisper, as the landlord told him of the ''aliens'' who came out of those ''strange lights'' that he reckoned were about the size of a Dornier-228 [a 17-seater aircraft], which regularly flies in those parts. The landlord didn't call them ''aliens'' but ''regal/majestic warriors'' [actual term: maharathee, ateerathee], as they reminded him so much of the mythological warriors from the Indian epic ''Mahabharata''.

The villagers were awed by the very appearance of these ''aliens'', and there was no doubting the fact that the scientists too were affected. The ''aliens'' were tall, almost seven feet on an average, well-built, just like the ''humans'' one sees on the World Wrestling Federation [that's how the landlord described them], and the funny thing about them was the golden glow that seemed to envelope them, probably caused by the armor that they wore covering almost their whole body, leaving only the face exposed; and the contraptions around the head providing the resemblance to the mythological warriors'' ceremonial helmets. The face was truly ''human'' in its features, right down to the varying colors of the eyes; and it was later reported by the girls in the know that those eyes changed colors, and it was almost like looking at a color tvs or cinema screen's changing colors, as the ones who had seen the change described it.

Now, the ''humans'' were positioned just on the outskirts of the village, and in the semi-arid plain beyond this place, the ''alien'' crafts had landed, out of which the ''aliens'' now descended, surrounded by illumination emanating from those crafts. A confrontation was out of question; the villagers were armed with no better weapon than six-feet long bamboo sticks, while the scientists were totally unarmed. Only the police patrol accompanying them had any fire-power, one stun-gun, three ancient .22 bore rifles, and two revolvers distributed among the nine constables and 2 officers. In any case, the police shared the general sentiment of the villagers, and were awestruck by these ''aliens''.

Meanwhile, the first batch of about twelve of these ''aliens'' got near to the ''humans'' and the latter were pleasantly surprised when they found that the ''aliens'' were speaking with them in Rajasthan, the local dialect. Not understanding that lingo, one of the scientists put a question in English, and he too received an answer in English. By then, the initial amazement had given way to excitement over this new contact, and a Sanskrit speaking scientist was happy to discover that these ''aliens'' not just spoke Sanskrit,
but their own ''alien'' language had several root and grammatical forms identical to Sanskrit, which they understood to be so on account of ''alien'' interactions with ''humans'' in ancient times.

Inevitably, the villagers and the police, after showing their due reverence to these new heroes ''aliens'' gave way to the scientists who monopolized the conversation then on. Since most of the later conversation was in English, with some Sanskrit, and test doses of Marathi, Hindi and some other Indian languages [as one of the scientists later on informed the landlord], the villagers couldn't make out the general tone and tenor of the conversation.

Shortly thereafter, the scientists and the aliens retreated to the scientists'' blocks, where they parleyed for almost till 4 A.M. in the morning. Thereafter, the aliens returned to their crafts and disappeared.

At day-break around 6 A.M., the villagers who were still not able to sleep, and remained discussing among themselves the events of the night were jolted into alertness by the loud noise of airplanes circling overhead. The authorities were air-dropping equipment over the area.

By that evening, there was a whole row of pre-fabricated structures occupying an area almost twice that of the village. Some huge water tanks too were dropped onto the area, which contained some dark, viscous fluid with a ''kerosene'' smell.

That night too, the ''aliens'' returned, this time almost a hundred of them, and this time they parked their craft in the new government housing area, and promptly went inside to converse with the scientists. By now, a lot of government people, and some in uniforms, had descended upon the place, and all of them were involved in these talks. The villagers were summoned and warned not to tip off any news-agency, or to talk about this event to anyone else. For good measure, this was followed up with some ''bribes'' by way of government facilities and good ol' money.

These confabulations between the ''aliens'' and the Indian Government staff went on for two more weeks, which saw a continuous inflow of staff and equipment by day, and the ''aliens'' and their crafts by night. Then, perhaps on the urging of the ''aliens'', or on their own [God alone knows, the doc said], the authorities informed the villagers that these regal warriors ''desired'' to interact with the local populace.

As it was, despite the prohibition imposed by the authorities, the word of the events had gotten around to the surrounding hamlets and the nearest town, and though this area being a desert and semi-arid locale, the habitations were spread out, nevertheless by the fortnight's end, almost the whole district was abuzz with rumors. So, when the news went out that these ''Mahabharata heroes'' had returned and wished to interact with the ''lowly humans'', there was no dearth of men and women wishing to participate. From among these thousands of applicants, the authorities selected around two hundred young girls of marriageable age, and their parents.

The landlord too happened to be one of tis ''privileged lot'' as he pointed out, with obvious pride, even as he patted the small child sitting in his lap as he spoke about it. The ''aliens'' each took the girl he fancied, and then went on to chat with the ''overawed parents''. Afterwards, the ''aliens'' and the girls retreated to the government blocks, each couple in a private block.

Unlike the others who departed, these ''aliens'' stayed behind for five days, spending the entirety of their time locked inside their rooms with the girls. Only thereafter did they emerge, the aliens and the girls looking visibly pleased, and mixed with the girls'' parents, who by now felt they were in seventh heaven, after they received the reports their girls gave them.

Now, the landlord being one of those ''privileged parents'' learnt the full details at first hand from his daughter. It seems that while the sex-ritual of these ''aliens'' is very similar in its fore-play to that of romantically minded ''humans'', the actual sex-act, and its aftermath is strangely different, in that while the sex-act is as physical as in ''humans'' yet, there was no exertion, no ups and downs, but a pleasant high throughout, that was followed by the even pleasurable aftermath. As the landlord said, his daughter hadn't felt so pleased ever in her life before [of course she was a virgin then, and wouldn't have known anything of ''human-to-human'' intercourse], and even now [after several years of blissful, orgasmic marriage], she feels that the ''alien'' interaction was on an entirely higher plane.

After this event, the alien activities in that village subsided entirely, all the pre-fabricated dwellings were dismantled, and the scientists and government staff left the area, leaving behind only the initial permanent block that now became a health clinic, to which my doctor friend was assigned a posting.

The government assigned doctors to give a full health check-up to all those girls every fortnight, who reported that all of them were pregnant; and sure enough, their abdomens swelled duly by the fifth month. Then, at around the eighth month, the government took in all those girls and their parents/guardians, and whisked them off to secret army hospital locations.  The landlord found himself in a well-guarded and secret block attached to a remote army hospital near Poona, very near Bombay in Western India. There was nothing strange about the fact that the girls all delivered on the due dates, nor that they were all normal deliveries, nor that these were painless births, despite the fact that none of them were given any anesthetics; except to the doctors, one of whom told this fact to the landlord. After all, these children were different.

Another funny thing about these children was that even as new-born, they didn't suckle, but were fed a liquid made with a powder the doctors gave the parents/guardians of the girls who had given birth to the babies. These parents/guardians were registered as the de-facto and de-jure parents of the new-born babies. Indeed, as the landlord told the doctor, he had raised that child on his lap right from the first feed through the various powders and gruels that the government kept sending them constantly, until now, when they ate the normal food that others eat. The girls were out of the picture now. All that remained were the parents, these ''magnificent children'' and the government that kept fussing over each and every stage of development of these children. Once every three months, the landlord said, he had to make the obligatory visit to the government lab, not the hospital, but the ''laboratory''. This, he said, was just like the hospital, but it had some more equipment, especially to check the ''insides'' and the brain.

While the initial visits were nothing special, apart from the thrill of being whisked off to unknown locations in Air Force planes, the landlord could notice a look of awe on the doctors'' faces whenever they visited, since the child became eighteen months old. Their tests did tell them these children were special, not so much on the ''insides'' as in their brain. They were indeed resistant to illness, as was testified by the fact that none of them ever turned ill, as the doctors informed the landlord.  Neither had his own son, the landlord said about the child in his lap, ever fallen ill, while his daughter's subsequent children had their share of birth-pangs, pain, and illness, just as every ''human'' does.

Paradoxically, these children were always recognized as the children of the parents of the girls, and never as the girl's children by the people of that district. This was despite the common knowledge that the aliens did have sex with the girls, which made them pregnant, so that they were not virgins in any sense, and that they were the ones who gave birth to these children in the fullest sense of that term. Neither did they face any problems in getting married. Indeed, while the generally pernicious superstitions that are an inevitable concomitant of the Brahminical religion of the Hindus would in the usual course of events have made it difficult for these girls to be married because of this sexual profligacy, it was another superstition from that same religion that proved to be their salvation. In popular circles, these girls were thought of as having been ''visited by the gods'', hence considered as being ''blessed'' in the Hindu way, hence, there was no shortage of suitors, and all of them were married within six months of giving birth to the ''alien'' children.

By now, the landlord had swollen with pride to such proportions, that he placed the child on his lap on an adjoining chair, then got up and went to the cupboard, and took out a file, and showed it to the doctor. It was the child's medical record. It was a huge file, in being almost six inches thick.

The reports were arranged latest at the top, so he went to the last page. Instead of finding the initial reports, he was surprised to find three articles at the very back of the file.

Leaving them off for the time being, he found out the beginning of the medical records, which began from the birth onwards, showing unexceptionably normal parameters of all routine blood, and urine tests. These tests were made even for antibodies of all kinds, which must have been a costly exercise, and the funny thing was that, despite the child being inoculated, [as the landlord had told him], there were antibodies to every sort of disease for which the child was tested, and there was no presence of any infection of any sort in the child, as the exhaustive series of blood tests showed. Then the doctor got around to the first paper, which was merely a statistical analysis of the parameters that he had just gone through, and the paper had analyzed these parameters in all the two hundred children. The second paper was a report on how one of these children had gotten caught in a truck-rail accident [wherein it was in a truck that was trying to cross the tracks at an unmanned crossing at the same time that an express was trying to break the sound barrier at that very same place], and instead of suffering severe injuries and dying instantaneously, like all the rest in the truck did, it merely got thrown off to a field almost fifty feet away [like a cricket ball hit for six, an eye-witness had remarked], and suffered no external injuries save some superficial abrasions, but had a fracture dislocation of the spine that rendered it paraplegic.

But, three months on, the fracture had healed, the dislocation was reestablished, AND the spinal cord had REGENERATED, something unknown in humans, so that the child was restored to full function.

The doctor read that paper over, and over and over again, and still again. How could it be? be continued....


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