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6/8/13- Extraterrestrial Life  
Who can say that God is not everywhere else in the universe where He has created habitable planets raising up intelligent life by the same processes and for the same Divine Purpose that He has done so here on Earth? This is why we have not heard from these other civilizations.
2/7/13- Are UFO's Really Fallen Angels?  
If your a long-time UFO enthusiast like myself, your probably open-minded enough to consider ALL possibilities. The truth is we been fooled by false claims, we are always sorting through bogus evidence, and most the times the predictions NEVER come true. Perhaps its time to look in a new direction for truth.
10/25/12- Homeland Security Searching For "2012 Alien Attack" and More! Video Proof...  
Homeland Security (DHS) is visiting Unexplainable.Net almost daily and searching for Aliens, Edgar Casey, Coverup of Archeological Artifacts, and much more. Their interest is "EXTREME" as their visits show an astonishing bounce rate of 47%! This makes them almost 2X as interested in the subject matter than the standard surfer. It appears what caught their interest the most was our page on "2012 Hologram Alien Attack Plan". Watch The Video...

9/29/12- Alien Mummy Found In Egypt  
Has extraterrestrial mummified remains been found in Egypt? Egyptian sources says yes as the archaeology world is left with more questions than answers. Many seem to believe that the alien creature might of been an advisor to the pharaoh given that such care was taken in burying and preserving the extraterrestrial. But while getting a confirmation out of the Egyptian government seems to be impossible, if this discovery is true, some questions will finally be answered.
9/21/12- Final Alien Threat Card Being Delt?  
There is word from Veterans Today that we are facing a Alien Threat of the unfriendly nature. An insider leak discloses that US and Chinese ships are heading towards an extraterrestrial threat.
9/8/12- Scientists Believe In 40 Years We Will Know If Anyone Is Truly Out There  
Scientist believe that in the next 40 years, an alien presence will be discovered by our technology. Now whether they mean full on intelligent alien visitors with interstellar vehicles capable of transversing the universe in little time is yet to be seen, but he believes that we will have the technology to spy on other worlds and see if there is anyone out there. But till then, all we can do is leave it to our imagination on what is out there.
8/31/12- Mexican Documentary Will Disclose Mayan Extraterrestrial Connection  
The Mexican government is cooperating with a film crew that is set to disclose that the Mayan people were in contact with intelligent extraterrestrial life. By allowing access to secret Mayan rooms and artifacts, never displayed to the world, the documentary will present probably the most controversial evidence about alien life. But despite an attempt made by a woman to steal the footage, the documentary is still moving as scheduled to be released by the end of 2012. But will this evidence bring us one step closer to the truth or will it move us one step closer to our end?
8/24/12- Baltic Sea Anomaly: UFO or Natural Phenomenon  
Deep sea divers have visited the underwater anomaly that resembles a UFO in the Baltic Sea and have revealed a very detail description of the object. With features that include a staircase and a runway, could this Millennium Falcon looking object be the real deal? Or is this UFO simply a natural phenomenon?
7/29/12- Giant Fireballs Crash In Russia  
This past week 3 giant fireballs were witnessed entering the Russian sky. While this was an awesome site to witness, the crash brought up more questions than answers. Were these your average run of the mill meteorites? Or was it something else?
7/27/12- Mass UFO Sightings V  
When weird lights move across the sky or bright colors become a distraction in the night, it's easy to blame aircraft for the sight. However, there are some incidents that cause people to believe they have witnessed a UFO sighting. In this article, you will encounter possible UFO sightings that have taken place in places, such as New Jersey and Phoenix, Arizona.
7/27/12- Mass UFO Sightings IV  
It's much easier to turn your back on a possible UFO sighting if it was just one person claiming to see an unexplained flying object. However, when a large number of people report spotting something strange in the sky, it's hard to ignore. In this article, you will encounter a variety of cases where more than a few people claim to have witnessed a UFO.
7/27/12- Mass UFO Sightings III  
When it comes to UFO sightings, the one person that claims to have seen something strange and unknown flying in the sky is most likely to get ignored. However, when swarms of people start calling the police department or file reports about unidentified flying objects, the government and others start to take notice. In this article, you will learn about some of the reported UFO sightings that involved more than one person as a witness.
7/27/12- Mass UFO Sightings II  
In the United States, there have been a variety of documented accounts of UFOs (unidentified flying objects) lighting up the night sky. When more than one person is at the center of a reported sighting, it gets more people interested in getting to the bottom of the source. In this article, you will learn about a few documented sightings of UFOs that have taken place in the U.S.
7/27/12- Mass UFO Sightings I  
They say that everything is bigger in Texas – a statement that is true even when it comes to unidentified flying objects. In this article, you will encounter a handful of UFO sightings – two of which come from residents from the state of Texas.
7/25/12- Chasing UFOs – TV Show Overview  
The fascination with unidentified flying objects has been around for a long time, and over the years – television producers have taken heed to the public's interest on the topic. One of the latest TV shows to hit the scene is 'Chasing UFOs,' which airs on National Geographic Channel and focuses on the investigation and exploration of cases regarding UFOs.
7/7/12- 7/6/12 Drake Video Interview: "No Green Light," But UFOs On Several Fronts  
I had an opportunity to speak with the enigmatic Drake (his last name may vary) on Independence Day; a date which he said would be a new Independence Day for the entire world once the military began performing "Mass Arrests" of bankers and politicians who have been doing their best to enclave the world. When those arrests didn't happen as predicted, I asked him why.
6/23/12- What Life Might We Find in the 5th Spatial Dimension?  
Everything we understand about our own universe has to come from information gathered through the senses. And while the eyes and ears can have quite abstract concepts ferried to them, it's still impossible to actually observe these complex ideas in everyday life. We can only really observe analogies. So where we have come to understand the three spatial dimensions we exist in, quantum physicists for years have proposed there may be more. And just like the complexity of life is able to be sustained in three dimensions, would it be possible to sustain intelligent beings in more?
6/10/12- Elements of a Good Science Fiction Movie I  
From 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind' to the 'Terminator' franchise, there are certain elements that go into creating a good science fiction (or sci-fi) storyline or movie. In this article, you will encounter some of the characteristics that go into shaping a piece for the science fiction genre.
6/2/12- Former SETI Director: Aliens Won't Eat Us  
In a talk possibly directed at Hollywood, former SETI director has joined the chorus of scientists suggesting that visiting aliens would be unlikely to consider humans for their menus. The press release comes in the wake of decades of films and video games capitalizing on the idea of antagonistic aliens interested in the consumption of human flesh as their primary motivation for invading Earth.
5/12/12- The Incident at Falcon Lake  
Stories involving unidentified flying objects often include accounts where the objects appear and leave physical evidence behind. These incidents, while rare, do carry with them a higher level of credibility than the simple eyewitness accounts in the eyes of skeptics. One such account to enter into the history of UFOlogical studies was the Falcon Lake Incident of May 20, 1967 which included not only a physical object seen by a witness, but an unexplained radioactive material left behind.
5/7/12- Authorities Stumped by Cattle Mutilation  
Authorities are looking for answers after a cow was discovered with some unusual markings dead in a field. After examining the cow closer, it has been determined that this may be a genuine case of cattle mutilation, and the multitude of suspects are as vast as the mystery surrounding the case. And it has a few details in common with other cattle mutilations of its kind.
4/23/12- Video Claims Alien Captured on Film  
A video uploaded to Youtube claims to show an extraterrestrial standing out near an outdoor overhang by Lookout Mountain. The video comes in the form of a response to a letter received by the creator - whose voice is nonetheless disguised. The shocking claim he makes, however, is photographic evidence of an extraterrestrial standing at the side of the road wearing a dark cloak. What do you think?
4/20/12- The End Of The Federal Reserve May Start The Golden Age  
This is a play by play of the events in the Keenan Case and Ben Fulford Reports. This case will tie history together and be part of the GREAT UNVEILING OF 2012. You Don't Want To Miss It!
4/17/12- Astounding UFO Video Captures Object in Flight  
An incredible video of a UFO appearing very close to a South Korean air jet has sparked a debate between skeptics and believers both to the nature of the craft itself and what considerations should be made if these craft are moving so close to airlines. But in the rich history of UFO sightings there are no known cases of a UFO actually causing a passenger jet to crash - although there are plenty of close calls, and at least one case that raises some serious questions.
4/15/12- Unidentified Submerged Object Under London Bridge  
What is it? That's what experts have been asking ever since 2010 when the object was first identified with sonar as an unexplained hulk resting beneath the waves near the London Bridge. Fearing the object could be a sunken submarine from World War II, they have advised no divers to dip beneath the waves to explore what it might be. But as crews attempt to distinguish just what it might be, others are expressing an understandable level of curiosity.
4/7/12- NASA ISS Desktop Photo Confirms UFO Disclosure NOW  
Apparently the ISS computer's desktop background is UFO's flying in space. And that image happens to be the logo for a pdf file named: The Importance Of Disclosure. Really- Direct From NASA. Unarguable. Is this the proof we been waiting for?
4/3/12- Visitor to the "Doomsday Town" Films UFO  
When visitors started descending on the town of Bugarach in the southwest of France, those involved in the city's tourism were confused to say the least. Those packing their bags and heading to the village of approximately 200 began looking to the place as a spiritual adventure where they hoped to participate in an obscure prophecy that centered around the Mayan calendar, an alignment of planets, and a possible end to the very Earth itself. And now visitors to the mountain have captured footage of what they say is proof that the town is being closely monitored by extraterrestrials as well.
4/3/12- Masked Team Destroys UFO Archive  
A team of men wearing Hazmat uniforms was called into the home of a recently deceased UFO researcher and during the cleanup destroyed one of the most comprehensive libraries of UFO evidence in the world. The team, which had been called in by the city of Calimesa, California entered the home in July wearing face masks and Hazmat outfits. But the reason for their visit was allegedly more a clean-up operation than a cover-up. In the 1990's the collection belonged to a group calling it the "UFO Clearing House."
4/3/12- How Difficult Might Disclosure Be?  
In the world of UFOlogy the government is often seen as a unilateral single entity, capable of always knowing what its various compartmentalized agencies are up to - to one degree or another. And so when the subject of UFO disclosure comes about, a number of agencies are cited as being the source we should look to when it comes to the truth. Some disclosure advocates approach the subject with the suggestion that NASA, the ABC agencies, the President, and the military are all on the same page. But what if the issue is vastly more complex?
3/30/12- Aliens, Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies  
Mankind has gone from primitive, to modern to advanced many times before but we still have not learned our lessons. Currently, we live in a modern society with quite a bit of technology. However, in the future when scientists learn how to map the inside of a particle, they will discover that we are multi-dimensional beings and we will become an advanced society with advanced technology or other dimensional technology.
3/30/12- Advanced Being/Alien… Genetics (Part II)  
Advanced beings or aliens have to synthesis most everything, even sex. Advanced beings must replace their organs with synthetic computerized organs, which do not use oxygen and they have no penises or vaginas.
3/29/12- Doomsday Cult Awaiting Aliens  
The Pic de Bugarach (Pech de Bugarach) is the highest summit in the Corbieres mountains in the French Midi. It is on the western part of the mountain that you will find the commune of Bugarach, which is the location of a doomsday cult that is awaiting the arrival of aliens who they believe will become their salvation. In this article, you will learn about why people have been interested in the mountain.
3/29/12- Politician Claims Extraterrestrial Ancestry  
We always expect the strangest from the world of politics, but one claim by a Labor politician may just go beyond the norm when he says his own mother was an extraterrestrial. This of course calls to mind the case of another British government official who in recent history made the startling claim that he had seen an extraterrestrial in broad daylight and that they walk among us. So is there anything more to this odd claim when he says his own mom is out of this world?
3/29/12- Boeing 747 forced down by UFO  
I was on my way home then I see a big plane comming towards me from a western direction in very low altitude. Later I find out it was because of a UFO the plane flew so low
3/27/12- Mysterious Crashed Object Reported in Russia  
A mysterious object recovered from an isolated village in Siberia is sparking an investigation after it was gathered from the snows there. The object, which weighs around half a ton is being described as a UFO fragment. And as scientists at the Russian Space Agency scrutinize the strange object, they have drawn the conclusion that the expensive piece of equipment is likely not related to any known space technology. So what is it? And why is it made from some of the strongest alloys on the planet?
3/27/12- Mars Tickets Could Sell for Half a Million Dollars  
Half a million dollars is outrageous for a plane ticket anywhere on Earth, but SpaceX, the company signing with NASA to start making cargo runs to the International Space Station isn't proposing plane trips anywhere on Earth. Their ambitious project hopes to start shipping people and cargo to Mars for less than one percent the cost to take a trip to the ISS. While it may sound outrageous, and still has a long way to go, this wouldn't be the first time SpaceX made good on their surprising claims if they succeeded.
3/20/12- Commonly Mistaken UFO Sighting Culprits II  
Sometimes, the most ordinary objects in the sky can cause panic amongst the population. Flashing lights, odd shapes traveling at night, and speedy objects that dart by are just some of the characteristics of normal happenings that can be perceived as an unidentified flying object (or UFO). In this article, you will learn how some of the most harmless of things have caused such a large stir when it comes to mistaken alien spacecraft.
3/20/12- Commonly Mistaken UFO Sighting Culprits I  
Not every suspicious light in the sky is a UFO (unidentified flying object), and it doesn’t help when there are numerous false positives that can occur. Not only does Mother Nature play with our eyes when we look up into the darkness, but there are also other everyday objects that can give off the illusion of a UFO. In this article, you will encounter a handful of commonly mistaken UFO sightings.
3/14/12- The Maury Island Incident - And Aftermath  
When we think of the first UFO incidents to be widely reported, particularly around 1947, we generally think of pilot Kenneth Arnold and the strange delta shaped "flying saucers" as they would become known. But only three days prior to the now famous Kenneth Arnold sighting there was another, one that some argue is far more interesting - although it fell under the threat of the mysterious Men in Black who attempted to cover it up, and almost succeeded.
3/12/12- The Mysterious Mann Hill Monster  
For decades there have been reports of mysterious partially decomposed monsters being retrieved from the ocean or washing ashore to horrify and mystify onlookers. One such creature was the legendary Mann Hill Sea monster of 1970. It was said to be some 2,000 lbs and measure over twenty feet in length. After the Mann Hill Monster was discovered, it was often described as "the camel without legs." Although it is very unique and somewhat disturbing, it has been seen multiple times washing ashore or caught in fishing nets. So what is it?
3/7/12- The Hollow Phobos Theory  
While Mars may be one of the most interesting planets in our solar system, its moon Phobos is no doubt one of the most speculated on moons ever identified. Even now in the aftermath of the failed Russian mission to send a probe to the Martian moon, there is still much in the way of mystery about the obscure and possibly hollow satellite. The idea that Phobos might be hollow was first put forth by a Russian astrophysicist by the name of Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky to explain the odd orbit it has around the red planet. Could Phobos be hollow or even, as some theorists suggest, artificial?
3/7/12- Will Stephen Hawking be Drawn into Extraterrestrial Debate?  
When Stephen Hawking says he has something to say about extraterrestrial life, you can bet many people will be listening in to hear. There are very few things that can be said about extraterrestrials that aren't going to be controversial. And there are very few people who are going to cause quite as much of a stir when talking about universal matters than the famed physicist.
3/3/12- Witness Recounts 1991 'BEK' Encounter  
If you've never heard of the BEK phenomenon, it's the name of a mysterious entity or type of entity that has been sighted since reporter Brian Bethel first described it in 1998. The legend goes that these entities always appear to be normal kids until you look at their eyes - which are completely black. Also, they behave in an incredibly strange way, and many of the witnesses report oddly uniformed encounters with the beings who demand to be let into their homes or cars and are always invariably turned away. But one witness says he may have had an encounter with something that resembles these strange beings as early as 1991.
3/3/12- Tennessee Witness Reports Encounter With Strange Entity  
A witness from Tennessee has reported to the Mutual UFO Network a curious encounter with a shadow-like obsidian entity. What began as an ordinary morning would eventually become something quite different after she turned and came face to face with a mysterious being hovering behind her. What would you do if you were standing outside enjoying your first cup of coffee and then suddenly turned around to find yourself face to face with something completely unexplainable?
3/3/12- The Untold Story of the Men in Black  
We've all heard of the mysterious Men in Black who visit researchers and contactees of unidentified flying objects, but the phenomenon has an untold history that rarely comes to light in circles of either skeptics or believers. The real story of the Men in Black has always been lurking in the background, hiding behind eyewitness accounts and dismissals by skeptics, threatening to rise up again and be noticed. It all started in 1947.
3/3/12- A Mythos of Mars  
For many years Mars has been seen as a planet ripe for exploration. And as our understanding of the red planet grew and expanded, a few of the fantastic claims and stories of the Martian surface were left behind by discovery. Nonetheless, speculation about Mars was one of the first thought exercises humanity was allowed to engage in during the early stages of Science Fiction. When Edgar Rice Burroughs first wrote the story "A Princess of Mars" he was writing about a vast unknown planet where any number of civilizations could potentially exist. And a number of theories sprang up both before and after his popular novel series.
3/2/12- Aliens Before the Greys  
When we look at alien encounters, a lot of the time it's difficult to keep track of who saw what and when. Often the most widely reported first-time abductees were Betty and Barney Hill. But while theirs was one of the earliest widely reported on UFO sightings, and the creatures who would later become known as the "Greys," there were several alien encounters before them - sometimes with incredibly strange creatures.
3/2/12- Beyond the Enigmatic Shell of UFOs - What is Inside?  
We've all seen photographs of unidentified flying objects hovering enigmatically over amazed witnesses, but the objects themselves leave much to be imagined as far as what there may be on the inside. Contemporary science fiction has filled in some of the blanks, as well as reports made by UFO abductees and contactees. What can we learn about UFOs and their occupants based on accounts made by witnesses?
3/2/12- The Donald Shrum Alien Attack Incident  
Alien encounters of the past have a tendency to become lost in the shuffle of time. What may have been a thrilling encounter with an otherworldly being in 1964 may be discarded decades later as too similar, even if these similarities add to the varacity of the claims. This is not the case with the Donald Shrum attack. This is a story so fantastic, that it's difficult for some to imagine it really happening. But this is the story the 28 year old hunter came back with after being lost in the wilderness. It's a tale of an attempted alien abduction and an extraterrestrial attack.
2/29/12- Why Are UFOs Visiting Nuclear Installations?  
For years mysterious craft have been reported arriving at nuclear testing ranges while tests are ongoing and interacting with missiles of all sorts. Add to this the harrowing stories of entire missile silos shutting down after a mysterious object arrives on the scene, and it's clear why agencies around the globe might simultaneously decide to investigate the matter and keep it under wraps.

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