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UFO Conflict Reports Continue from Arizona
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  11/12/10

In researching the recent series of sightings in Arizona, there have been some leads, some dead ends, and a whole lot of mystery.  In addition to the massive display occurring just a few nights ago where military jets chased a series of UFOs across the midsection of the state, we have another report being reported to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) regarding a mysterious massive red craft observed in two major Arizona cities.

The first witness reports that the events described involve a sighting by a third party on the night of November eighth.  The witness described that just above Dooney Park in Flagstaff, Arizona a massive red light was observed hovering in the sky in the distance.  The massive red light had three much smaller lights hovering around it dipping and weaving through the skies.  Then, as military aircraft appeared on the opposite horizon shooting toward the mysterious light in the sky the light suddenly made a move to the west, then the east, and finally as the aircraft were approaching all the lights involved simply vanished.  Of course given the nature of the sighting, the relationship of this latest craft sighted in Arizona to another sighting we covered just recently cannot be confirmed.  But it seems to mesh perfectly with the theme we've been reporting coming out from Arizona of military aircraft interacting with unidentified flying objects in the sky.  The witness additionally commented that there are no known military installations near Flagstaff Arizona, suggesting the fighters must have been called into the area from far away.  But it gets stranger.

Just last night, on the 11th of November another object of identical appearance was spotted around 6:24 PM by a group of witnesses on the ground.  The object in this sighting was comprised of large red lights, but the witness got a distinct impression that these lights were merely parts of a far larger central craft between the lights.  Comparing the size relative to the witness of the craft to the moon, the witness estimates that whatever it was, it took up an amount of sky equivalent to five times that of the moon.  And the witness was not alone during the sighting, but was standing by his brother in law in the crisp November air as they observed the enigma floating above.  Shortly after the object appeared, he called his friend in Mesa Arizona to confirm it.  The friend did confirm that a massive and unexplainable object was hovering in the distance over Maricopa.  Though this latest sighting occurred near a major population center, there were no reports of military aircraft being scrambled to intercept this object.

What is going on in the skies over Arizona?  Is it possible the massive unidentified flying objects are more than just a hoax?  How could a hoax be influencing so many witnesses over such a massive area?  And will we see more dramatic sightings like these over Arizona in the next coming few days and perhaps weeks?  If this trend continues, it seems we may be in for quite an interesting ride.


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