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More UFO Reports Stream from Arizona
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  9/14/11
By: Chris Capps

Now it appears Arizona has been added to the list of states currently seeing peculiar UFO activity as this strange night of sightings continues.  Arizona witnesses are already twittering their responses to the strange object being spotted in the night sky since sunset and the sightings are just as strange as those being reported in California and other parts of the west coast.

Phoenix news station ABC 15 reported that the incident had several witnesses including one of their own multimedia journalists, who managed to actually catch the object on film.  Whether these strange lights in the sky will turn out to be related to the green fireball seen over California will no doubt be discussed by UFOlogists at a future date, but in the mean time there are several already speculating that the two incidents are too rare and too large to simply be ignored.

Oddly enough the object in this case had a large tail that seems strange for an aircraft, instead looking to some residents more like a meteorite.  Twitter also has accounts of witnesses who are convinced the object was an aircraft of unknown design that may have been experiencing engine trouble.  The FAA has released no notice indicating any aircraft in the area could account for the strange sightings.

Furthermore, some witnesses are reporting the object turning and even slowing down at points, but in the flood of accounts it's impossible to at this time verify these.  The object witnessed in Arizona

And if the story isn't already strange enough, there are already the reports coming in from California suggesting either the same or a similar object crashed near Palm Springs.  But if the reports are being reported widely in the media, the Mutual UFO Network's website has gone strangely silent.  Only four sightings related to the event have been reported to the site in the past 24 hours.  This is far different from some mass sightings which can elicit up to a dozen or more reports in a single night.

Oddly enough, the object being reported in both California and Arizona are similarly depicted as being green  and having a long tail to it.  But oddly enough the object photographed by ABC 15 show a yellow or orange object.  Is it possible we're actually experiencing multiple strange aerial phenomena simultaneously?  Or is this mystery meteor actually changing color?  If this were the case it wouldn't be the first time in UFOlogy something like this happened.  Perhaps by tomorrow something will be unearthed - but with the reports of a clandestine effort to cover up the object coming from witnesses reporting massive fleets of helicopters tracking it down, it may be some time before we get to the bottom of this strange incident.

Meanwhile, the time frames of the two sightings do seem to coincide with witnesses from California reporting sightings mere minutes after those in Arizona.  Whatever it was had to have been traveling at an incredible speed.


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