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Moscow: 25,000 Protesters Spot Drone UFO
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  12/15/11
By: Chris Capps

An unidentified flying object was reported shortly after an estimated 25,000 protesters descended on Moscow carrying signs with pro democracy and anti-Putin slogans emboldened across them.  Amid the excitement of the day, several of the protesters looked up and even captured footage of the mysterious craft.

As the protesters accuse Vladmir Putin of stealing a recent election, protesters suggested that the mystery object appeared to have red and blue lights as it hovered above them staring down at their demonstration.  But some are saying that while protesters were on the ground filming the mysterious object, it was actually high above filming them on the ground.  Is this a case of mistaken identity, or a brush with something a bit more unusual?

Reports of drone-like UFOs have sprung up in the US in several locations, with some skeptics suggesting that the objects may actually be surveillance drones of a more conventional terrestrial origin.  

The craft, which have recently come into the arsenal of law enforcement amid increasingly tense protest situations, relay information back at a central hub where it can be analyzed without the high cost and potential hazards of using far larger helicopters.  Advances in small craft and their use by the military has made the private sector of unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVs) a very real possibility.

But not all are certain it was simply nothing.  With UFO sightings becoming more bold in recent years, appearing before massive throngs of people in - for example - New York in 2010, the strangeness of this case seems far from debunked.  And rather than paying attention to whoever they happen to spot on a dusty highway in the middle of the Nevada desert, the political intrigue of the protests in Moscow are likely a point of interest something out there would be more likely to pay attention to.

However, far from dumbfounded by the spectacle in the air above them, many protesters were convinced it was simply a police drone sent to the area to spy on them and monitor the situation.  Forsaking, if not temporarily, any interest in interactions coming from above the protesters continued their demonstration.

Russia has a long history of strange UFO sightings and encounters.  In 2009 shortly after the Norway Spiral incident, a mysterious object was captured on film by motorists in Moscow or a mysterious black pyramid shape.  The footage was shortly joined by more suggestions of a mystery pyramid over Moscow, although no one seemed to know precisely where the object came from.

In January of 2011 a wave of UFOs were reported above Moscow, resulting in several pieces of footage and a slew of reports ranging from the mundane to the extraordinary.

Was the UFO spotted in Russia's skies a simple UAV hoping to get some images of the protest, or was it something more?  Perhaps as the protests continue, we will have our answer.  In the mean time we can only wait and keep our eyes on the sky.


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