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NASA Scientist Discovers Life Fossils in Meteorite
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  3/6/11
By: Chris Capps

An incredible discovery from a scientist working at NASA has resulted in some very unprecedented levels of scrutiny and quite possibly the first absolute proof through official channels that we may not be alone in the universe.  Dr. Richard Hoover recently published his findings in the Journal of Cosmology and says for the first time we are living in a world where life beyond our own planet has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  And not only that, but life may be far more prolific than we ever before suspected.

In an interview with Fox News, Hoover stated his belief that his discovery suggests that life is more "broadly distributed" than just the planet Earth.  Hoover had been studying meteorites since before the turn of the millennium - a field all too often overlooked by scientists intent on dropping probes on other planets.  And as the asteroid was discovered on Earth, he also theoretically would have proven the visitation of extraterrestrial life on Earth.

But the creatures discovered in the meteorite were certainly not developed enough to be flying any sorts of craft.  These microbes required an electron microscope for scientists to even be able to see them.  And it's not the first time an asteroid has been said to contain life similar to that found on Earth.  In fact, in 2001, scientists discovered fossils of what they believed to be life from an Asteroid that originated from Mars.  The rock, dubbed ALH84001 has been a source of controversy ever since then.  But now, with this latest discovery the case for life elsewhere in the universe is greater than ever.

And the idea that Earth was seeded from the stars is now being taken far more seriously than before, with the possibility that Earth could have been seeded millions of years before it impacted Earth from a strain that developed from parts unknown deep within the Universe.  Of course if that were the case, then life should be all around us.  Another discovery by a scientist claiming to have discovered the building blocks of life in an asteroid sets out to suggest just that.

So if life is everywhere in the universe and not just on our planet or other planets like it, how far is it from that point to suggest there could be highly advanced civilizations out there in the universe as well?  With the subject of extraterrestrial visitations to Earth becoming ever more common and mainstream, we may be actually looking at the subject of extraterrestrials being proven within our lifetimes.  And whether that comes in the form of a landing on the White House lawn or simply a scientific study that takes the subject seriously and holds with it enough authority to sway most skeptics may just be a matter of which change is willing to take place first.

In the meantime, the discovery of fossilized alien remains in an asteroid has taken the scientific community and the world by surprise.


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