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New MUFON Leader to Guide Organization Through 2012
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  1/28/12
By: Chris Capps

The Mutual UFO Network, the team of dedicated individuals who work night and day to ensure real UFO sightings and claims are investigated, has had a change in leadership in the form of a new entrepreneur and owner of Flamingo Air.  The UFO reporting center has been an active participator of the UFO phenomenon since it was founded in 1959 in a time when Project Bluebook was failing in its efforts to acquire a suitable explanation for the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects.  With new leadership, what lies in store for MUFON?

With Clifford Clift, the previous leader stepping down from his position the new leader David MacDonald offers much in the way of aerial expertise and organization to the organization that has now been operating for over half a century.  And while MUFON lacks the resources to personally investigate every sighting ever made, the teams involved are some of the most dedicated in their profession, examining the background of cases even as they look into the more recent developments not available in books.  MacDonald was most well known for his ownership of Flamingo Air and a successful piloting school.  Now with his new position as head of the Mutual UFO Network, will he find the challenges in his skill set?

This isn't the first time the future of MUFON opened up on a new horizon.  In 1998 the organization, then called MORA decided it needed to move in a new direction and start providing a center for witnesses of strange phenomena an outlet.  MORA, as it was then known (The Mid-Ohio Research Associated) changed its name to MUFON, incorporated, and began providing services to those who had seen unexplained phenomena under the leadership of William E. Jones - to work in conjunction with other organizations such as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC).

Over the years the number of reports they have received have ranged from the strange to the truly terrifying as witnesses describe their close encounters with beings of another world and any unexplained aerial phenomena.  The reports, which often have multiple witnesses, are these days uploaded to the Mutual UFO Network's database where other experts can examine them and provide possible explanations - or suggest the case requires more in depth investigation.

What does the future hold for the Mutual UFO Network and the scores of UFO enthusiasts and believers out there with stories of their own to tell?  Perhaps in 2012 as the Mayan Calendar shifts to the next cycle, Earth will be granted a special preview of a race of beings that could very well have visited our humble planet thousands of years ago.  And if that is the case, MUFON will no doubt be there to examine that information.  When mystery comes knocking, it's only a matter of time before naturally curious minds come to uncover it - and possibly change the world forever.


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