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Residents of Russian Town Report UFO
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  2/7/12
By: Chris Capps

Residents of one small town in Russia reported seeing strange objects in the sky recently, and then contacted local news stations to confirm their sightings and share the footage they gathered.  So what was it in the skies over Chelyabinsk, Russia?  Is it an extraterrestrial craft or something from closer to home?

The witnesses include farmers and residents, all members of small families in a closely knit rural community.  Being from the Ural Mountain ranges of Russia, the locals are no stranger to the bizarre appearance of unexplained phenomena in the woods surrounding their community.  Despite this, even their experienced eyes were surprised by the appearance of a sudden glowing disc of light in the sky. 

The interviewed witnesses who can be seen in the video show a degree of apprehension in their voices mingling with a hint of excitement.  And it’s understandable why - the objects they are believed to have seen seem to defy all but the most fantastic explanations.

Recently Russia has had multiple run-ins with the paranormal as protesters marched on Moscow to show their mistrust for the government there and their belief that the election had been stolen by Russian President Vladimir Putin once again.  The protesters looked up as they marched and quickly saw that a small object, much smaller than the typical UFO, was hovering above them looking down.  And while they aimed their cameras at the skies, later rumors suggested the object was meanwhile looking down at them and likewise taking pictures.    The official explanation for the object is a drone that took photos of the people as they marched.  But the Russian police had little reason to be visiting Chelyabinsk, which means explanations of that nature will not be much help to keep the public from asking too many questions.

It should be noted that in mid December of 2011, Chelyabinsk saw a dramatic increase in UFO sightings for a time, including several dozen which appeared in a short period of time with some of the footage later being distributed internationally over Youtube.  One sighting, taking place in late December saw a series of lights appearing over the small town in a straight formation.  Explanations offered by skeptics have included satellites, the planet Venus, and aircraft flares.

What is behind this increased activity in Russia in recent weeks, with particular note to this area of Chelyabinsk?  Is there something there that requires multiple high capacity aircraft to hover over it and monitor it regularly?  Or are these sightings part of a vast expanding hoax targeting locals at first and now the international community as more eyes turn to the small town?

While explanations don’t seem to be very forthcoming, one thing is certain.  As we look at the footage now, it appears the cameraman taking it was understandably excited.  Whatever it was they were looking at was not a typical sight in the skies over Chelyabinsk, but then again that may change with time as the objects visit more regularly.


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