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Mystery Visitors - Then and Now
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  9/9/11
By: Chris Capps

History is full of stories of famous inventors, writers, and even presidents suddenly transforming their life from the mundane to the extraordinary upon receiving a visit from an unknown stranger who gives them a strange set of facts that seem to come from either the future or a far more advanced race.  Let's take a look at some of the most surprising and a couple of well known strangers and how they helped shape the world.

Of course this comes partially due to the increasing attention Whitley Streiber has been receiving due to a man who allegedly visited him and whom he has dubbed the "master of the key."  This key master visited Strieber in a hotel room in Toronto in 1998 giving him a very unique outlook on the world of the future.  Many of the things he said on that day, however, are quickly coming to pass in ways mankind had only speculated on in the past.  

One of the interesting points of Strieber's visitor is the way he talked about the future of the Earth and the progression of mankind technologically as well as psychologically.  The master of the key with great sobriety mentioned a future coming on the horizon where in a single season the majority of human industry, culture, and population centers would suffer a near apocalyptic event rendering them almost entirely destroyed.  The result would be a terrible and inescapable period of rebuilding and fear.  Streiber turned the conversation along with further research into a book in the year 2000 which would eventually become the blockbuster apocalyptic enterprise, "The Day After Tomorrow."

Another man visited by a bit more of a supernatural force was George Ellory Hale who eventually put up the Palomar observatory and founded Yerkes Observatory.  When recording the events of his life after his death in 1938, scholars were astonished to discover that he had made reference to a specific and very real entity that would visit him regularly.  History would remember it as an elf, but it has been attributed to a number of supernatural entities including extraterrestrials, ghosts, and even time travelers.  Of course the last leaves the question open to interpretation if the entities were somehow influencing the future by sharing their discoveries with people of the past like Hale.  And some contend that Hale's elf was more the product of his mind than an actual supernatural event.  Others aren't so certain - it advised him fairly specifically at times.

Finally we have President Harry Truman.  While Truman doesn't have many specific accounts of when he may have been visited by a mysterious figure or supernatural force, it is the lack of specific anecdotes that make his case so interesting.  Truman, on several occasions, mentioned the White House and the spirits that dwelled there.  And yet despite this strong feeling that something unusual was going on there, he didn't care to share what his personal experiences had been.  It's difficult to imagine he could have had both an intense belief and be completely uninfluenced by the beings present in the place he made history.  Truman, who oversaw the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the end of World War II may or may not have been influenced by the paranormal, but he certainly was made aware of it by the mysterious presence that visited him.

How heavily have mysterious figures influenced us throughout history?  We may never know.


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