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The Roswell Hieroglyphs - What Kind of Language Is It?
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  10/25/11
By: Chris Capps

After the crash o a mysterious object at Roswell New Mexico, a number of claims started circulating about the mysterious object and the occupants linked to it.  The military quickly changed their story suggesting the mysterious object had been nothing more than a weather balloon. 

In the climate of 1947 such a mysterious claim being redacted so quickly was seen as nothing unusual.  The military's relationship with newspapers was generally open and trusting.  But in the decades that would follow this event that would change considerably.  But one of the details that later entered into the culture was the discovery of several mysterious markings, or hieroglyphs on one of the object's I-beams.  These pictures seemed to almost depict a sort of writing.  But what could they have been?  And has there since been any additional evidence to help us decode this Rosetta Stone of alien writing?

The famous newspaper report, which appeared in the Roswell Daily Record eventually made its way into the mainstream and eventually into the history books.  Although the incident was largely considered one of the stranger reports ever submitted to printers, it has become an icon more of pop culture than a historic moment in American history.  And even now the mystery is not openly discussed by the military except every few years when the subject of the story - just what crashed - is revised.  It has in time become a weather balloon, a radar balloon, and an object for nuclear surveillance.

But none of these claims has ever made any sense of the hieroglyphs seen on the beam's surface.  Among them are several symbols that seem to indicate the electron clouds of ion atoms.  But there are other cases where witnesses have suggested the writing of alien visitors is hieroglyphic in nature - and some of these rival the Roswell Incident in UFO lore.  For example, the abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill included a part where Betty discovered a book full of diagrams and symbols.  Could these have been the same?  Other abductees have showed that simple shapes and symbols serve as a form of highly dense writing that can convey a large amount of information very simply.  What may appear to us to be nothing more than a few circles can convey complex concepts in conjunction with others in a way very similar to the ancient Egyptian writing system.

So what do they mean?  On Earth hieroglyphics generally correspond to an idea or concept.  An ankh, for example would represent life.  On the other hand, romantic languages have depended on letters, or symbols that correspond to a certain vocal sound.  But what if there was another sphere of language?  What if the symbols actually were able to convey a certain sphere of intellect or stimulate a certain area of the brain to allow spontaneous generation of ideas based on conditioning?  Of course such a mode of writing is purely theoretical, but it does illustrate how we may not actually be dealing with pictures and diagrams in the same way as Earth's heiroglyphs or romantic languages.


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