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Trail Cam Captures Incredible UFO Images
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  8/31/10
By: Chris Capps

Trail cams certainly catch their share of strangeness with deer, ghosts, and even the occasional Bigfoot seemingly passing in front of them.  But one camera in Texas has captured mysterious images that seem to have hung in the sky over the course of several hours.

The witness submitting this image to MUFON's UFO reporting center in Texas reports, "What I see looks almost like a Frisbee... You see several lights going around, and they're all symmetrical and lit up, and it just looks like an object in the sky."  This UFO is actually quite startling considering the images were taken entirely by accident with a trail cam in the middle of the woods capturing deer passing by on film.  Another thing that should be noted is that the object in the distance may not actually be emitting any light.  The deer do have "light" reflected off their eyes and then captured back on the camera, but this is actually infrared light working outside of the human field of view.  The deer were no more aware of their picture being taken than if the camera had not even been there at all.  But to catch something in the distance is to suggest something out in the sky was emitting light in the infrared spectrum, which means it could have been entirely invisible to human eyes as well.

Several photos were taken, each time stamped and suggesting the object was around between the hours of 4:12 and 6:06 AM.  A quick scan of the photograph suggests that the objects in the distance could be a line of lights from either an air strip or a nearby town, but there are two points of interest to the contrary.  First of all, the points of light are uniformly distant from one another with the lights near the edge hugging close to one another while the lights in the center have a slightly larger gap.  Analyzing the image closer up and counting the pixels between each point of light also confirms this.  This distance and uniformity suggests the object in the photograph is roughly disc shaped with lights lining the circumference.  The second point of interest is that the object moves slightly from image to image while staying in generally the same area of sky.

Additionally, in the photograph taken at approximately 6:06 there is a clearer view of the background where the viewer can see that the light is clearly hovering high above the horizon.  This subtle point suggests that though it was not necessarily significant to the person submitting the photographs, it was a subtle difference that suggested something of great interest was in the sky that night.

Perhaps the final and most interesting point to take into consideration is that under close scrutiny, the object is not only moving laterally its position in the sky, but also changing its distance from the camera as well.  In the image where the object is slightly smaller, the lights are blurry suggesting it has moved outside of the camera's focus while nearer pictures are significantly more clear.

While the witness says she is hesitant to use the term UFO, this image has enough compelling features to certainly warrant closer study.


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