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UFOs and Night Vision
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  6/4/11
By: Chris Capps

When sky watchers first looked to the skies they were able to only observe a very small portion of the color spectrum in order to spot unidentified flying objects.  But as technology improved, night vision equipment became more mainstream.  And soon objects were bounding off a form of light previously unavailable to the naked eye.  Now that we have readily available night vision sky watchers are noticing now more than ever that something strange appears to be filling up the skies.  But how could UFOs use a color unavailable to us to hide their presence?

There are several different ways an object could become invisible.  Most common theories around the subject deal with causing light to bend around the object and then wrap around to make the viewer believe nothing is occupying the space.  Current technology to achieve this is being studied and is expected to be used by the military in the next few decades.  We may even with our current level of technology some day be able to see (or rather not see) invisibility in action.

But then if we have invisibility of this form, why are so many objects appearing that seem to be visible only in the ultraviolet or infrared spectrums?  In order to understand this, we have to first look at how night vision works and reverse the principles to make sense of it all.   Infrared “light” is actually more heat than it is light, or is rather closer to this end of the spectrum than colors.  Night vision works in several different ways.  There is image enhancement, which interprets very faint lights and then amplifies them and then there is active illumination.  Active illumination is why you might see a light registering on your camera in the mirror if you trained a camera using night vision at it even if you were in an otherwise dark room.  There is light being projected, but it is outside of our normal range of seeing.  Cameras with night vision technology often employ either or sometimes both technologies to work.

There are two possibilities for the phenomenon of spotting night vision UFOs in the sky in an otherwise dark night that would normally be impossible to spot.  Either the UFOs are in fact reflecting the ultraviolet light or they are projecting their own.  In either case it’s certain they are somehow manipulating how light interacts with their hulls as they travel through the night some of the time while becoming completely visible other times.  As we look at the possibility of a technology that could alter light as it hit’s the surface of a craft, it seems they would not be operating using the same technology which bends light around the object and out through the other side.  Somehow the light that hits these objects is altered and pushed outside of the human spectrum of vision.  At least that’s one interpretation of how this invisibility might work.  Of course at such a high level of technological achievement the difference between what we might consider “magic” and invention may be blurred quite a bit.


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