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Where Do Aliens Live?
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  12/13/07
By: Nabanita

Aliens I

There are talks about UFO’S (Unidentified Flying Objects) seen all over the world. Such objects are surely not airplanes or other flying objects that are known. Some say they are UFO’s whereas some describe it as the next generation US army fighter planes that are being tested. There are some reports of sighting an alien whereas others just try and avoid such talks. But surely we are not the only planet in the entire universe that supports life. Life can be in any form it can be a micro organism, plants and animals that can be found everywhere on earth. Life has been found on earth even in the most extreme conditions where we can’t even imagine such as, remote ice laden islands of the Arctic and the Antarctica continent where the temperatures are as low as 95 degrees centigrade below zero degrees, the hottest of places. If life in such difficult conditions can exist then surely it would not be fair to say that life doesn’t exist in the outer space. NASA has been researching for life on far away planets that seem alike the earth. They have sent many air shuttles with robots for the search of life on many planets.

People say that they have actually seen aliens, this means that they have actually come across a very fascinating part of their lives. There are many video clips and pictures of aliens and UFOS on the internet but they are not clear is it that we do not have good quality cameras or is it that our cameras cannot catch their pictures or because we loose our sight of aliens within the least of seconds. Then this would mean that even these aliens are better than us in the field of technology. NASA has been doing research for past many decades now and many say that they have found many evidences of life on planets other than earth, but they are just not ready to reveal such evidence to the normal Earthlings.

NASA is trying its best to make the fastest of spaceships in order to explore our galaxy or may be further. This would surely take time but we may come across a planet that might have inhabitants as we have on planet earth as there are many planets in our own milky way that may have the potential of sustaining living beings. We really don’t know. Yes this looks like a very forward statement but surely such things are bound to come our way hopefully we may go on to live and see this day. Some couple of centuries back we had never thought of flying in air but then airplanes came slowly we got spaceships and satellites, and now we are looking to make satellites that can travel at the speed of light. This means that the more faster the satellites the faster you can reach your destination and can proceed to look for life in this huge universe that surely looks never ending and may be in such a huge universe we are not the lone planet that contains life.


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