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Witness Claims "Dudley Dorito" Return
Posted In: UFO and Aliens  12/15/11
By: Chris Capps

The Dudley Dorito, famed unidentified flying object reportedly spotted by witnesses in the West Midlands of the UK has allegedly returned as footage uploaded by one Youtuber claims to prove.  And as the controversy around the case continues, some are suggesting the footage captured may be nothing more than a hoax - while the real object sighted first in 2007 was far more breathtaking.

But before taking a look at the footage, let's explore the history of this mysterious object, which all started on November 28, 2007 as it unfolded shortly before midnight in Halesowen, Dudley.  A single witness spotted the mysterious object moving over the town in the distance in a horizontal line.  While the speed to the witness who reported his sighting to UFORM seemed slow, it would have had to have been quite fast from the distance he was seeing it.  Nonetheless, the witness did note the peculiar triangular shape of the object as it coasted, comparing it to a huge "Dorito" surrounded by red lights.  While the comparison may have been enough to dismiss the case in the eyes of some as nothing more than a fanciful story, further witnesses reported seeing a triangular craft the same night.

And just when the first stories were coming out of the object, soon dozens of people were reporting the peculiar object hovering in the skies, and these sightings continued along with photographic evidence until January of the following year.  Then, just as mysteriously as it had first appeared, the object vanished without a trace, and was not seen again until footage was uploaded claiming to show the object.

Explanations for the origins of the mysterious craft ranged from an extraterrestrial visitation to the Typhoon Eurofighters which shortly afterward started appearing throughout the area.  Of course the possibility that the supersonic jets were scrambled to intercept the object has not been lost on some favoring the extraterrestrial theory.

This most recent footage, however, claims to show the object using the night vision capabilities of a home video camera, even catching both the top and bottom sides of the craft and watching it rotate, making the craft appear almost too clearly.  Of course this is one of the problems with UFO footage.  Always the sightings are claimed to be too grainy until they are perfectly clear, at which point the objects are claimed to be simple CGI.  Recently, footage of floating SUVs was overwhelmingly compared in forums and on Youtube to CGI when in fact the optical illusion was rather attributable to balloons that had been set up for a promotion of a local dealer.

Is the footage real or fake?  You be the judge.  After all, in the end when faced with evidence of an unusual nature, suggesting something beyond the normal and stretching into the supernatural the decision must always be made alone.  And if the footage is CGI, it will only become more difficult to spot as time goes on.


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