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Are You Ready for the Super Moon?
Posted In: Unexplainable Weather  3/18/11
By: Chris Capps

Saturday March 19, 2011 will see the largest moon in decades in the sky as it enters its perigee even while beaming full.  But will the massive pull from Lunar gravity be enough to cause massive catastrophes here on Earth?  Scientists from NASA weighing the possibilities have come to the conclusion that it's likely not the case.  But they have more than a small number of critics.

In 1983, the last time Earth saw a super moon the world was not expecting a massive catastrophe.  At least not most of it.  But famous astrologer, Richard Nolle suggested that this year we might be seeing quite a different scenario.  And something must be said for the recent rash of major seismic activity leading up to the super moon that seems to be unfolding precisely how Nolle said it would.  Between revolutions, Earthquakes, and animal die offs it does seem like we're looking at a major event on the horizon that lends all of the others context and allows us a stopping point for the Earth changes.

But NASA scientists say the moon will only be 14% larger on Saturday than it would have been otherwise.  They say previous events like this were nowhere near close enough to overcome the massive forces and buildups of energy within the Earth and so any predictions suggesting an impending catastrophe should be met with a grain of salt.

But let's take a moment to look at this logically.  The moon has to travel quite a bit between it's closest point and its farthest.  And while the moon may only be 14% larger in the sky, by the time the events in Japan unfolded it was already pretty close.  By the time it reaches this 14% it should be only marginally closer to when it was then.  And if the seismic event already took place, the plates cannot very well be put back in their original position.  And so many have questioned whether Nolle could in fact already be vindicated by the horrific events all over the globe in the past few weeks.

But many proponents of Nolle's interpretation suggest the events will not take place until Saturday March 19th, when the tremendous forces around the world will finally descend on the Earth and we will see an awakening of many seismic forces which would have otherwise remained dormant.

Of all the apocalyptic and semi-apocalyptic predictions for this year, Nolle's has certainly gotten more than a small share of the attention, with responses to his predictions appearing even from NASA after his theory was posted to NASA's website.  And now with the super moon about to show up finally, believers worldwide will be bracing for events of seismic proportions.

In 1983, the last time the Moon achieved "super moon" status no major catastrophes occurred.  But some believers have cited an increased amount of solar activity as "supercharging" the realm of possibility.


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