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10/27/12- October Surprise- Hurricane Sandy Conspiracy To Delay Elections  
Hurricane Sandy is eying the east coast and the government is NOT doing anything to deter it off course! We already know USA has the technology to create and control weather, including hurricanes, so why aren't they saving the East Coast from biblical wreckage?
9/12/12- The Smell of Sulfur Suffocating Southern California  
The smell of sulfur is in the air in Southern California and people might think they know where its coming from but what they can't explain is why the rotten smell is reaching places over a 100 miles away. Officials are citing a mass die off of fish in the Salton Sea as the culprit but an explanation of why the stench is so widespread might be just a shot in the dark. Is the weather causing the distribution of the sulfur smell or could this be connected to the other natural phenomenons happening in the area.
9/7/12- Los Angeles Rocked By 2 More Earthquakes Today  
Los Angeles area residents were rocking and rolling this morning due to two moderate earthquakes. While there have been reports of no significant damage or injuries, the state of California has had some pretty interesting earth shakers this summer. But for now, people can only ask if this is going to continue.
9/6/12- Scientists: Mount Fuji Eruption Imminent  
Recent pressure readings from Mount Fuji’s magma chamber seem to indicate that an eruption is not only a possibility at this point, it’s a certainty. That last time the volcano erupted was over 3 centuries ago, but today recent worst case scenarios indicate that no less the 300,000 people will die in the event of an eruption. Local governments are currently developing plans but hopefully they are not too late.
8/29/12- More Mysterious Booms Heard In Northern California  
Mysterious booms have been heard throughout El Dorado County in Northern California and people just don't know why. After a thorough investigation that has exasperated every possible explanation, the mystery still remains.
8/28/12- 300 Earthquakes Rock Southern California Sunday  
An earthquake swarm shook southern California Sunday. This swarm consisted with over 300 earthquakes that measured from small tremors to some near 6.0. Is this the beginning of something horrible to come? No one knows.
8/9/12- Tsunami Prediction Might Be Coming True?!  
Two days ago, a man by the name of Mitchell Coombes made a prediction that in the coming days 2 tsunamis will hit the Western United States and Australia after a series of earthquakes. Yesterday, the earthquakes happened. Is his prediction about to come true?
8/8/12- July Breaks Weather Record for Hottest Month Ever Recorded!  
Still not a believer in Global Warming? This past July was the hottest month ever recorded for the continental United States. But weather analysts believe that this might be only the beginning.
6/2/12- Swarm Psychology and Wall of Bees in Hampshire  
A small town in Hampshire is still recovering from a sudden migration of bees that filled the sky, blotting out the sun with thousands of their stinging brethren coming from parts unknown to settle in on the small community. Whereas the buzz from a few years ago indicated bees would be virtually extinct by 2012, those looking at this sudden swarm were reminded that bees are here to stay.
4/23/12- Lyrid Meteor Shower: Are Sky Sounds Solved?  
The sounds being reported in California and Nevada are almost like the recent sky booms being heard all over the world in recent months with one exception. This time, objects were seen and even photographed and the phenomenon - at least for this case - turned out to be a deep space delivery compliments of the annual Lyrid Meteor Shower. Is this a clue to the recent phenomenon of unexplained sky sounds? Could the other incidents be connected to unscheduled constant meteor showers? And if so, why are more falling from the sky lately?
4/15/12- More Mystery Sounds Boom in Sky Over Oxfordshire  
The sonic booms heard over one valley in the UK have sent residents petitioning the police and fire rescue stations for answers. The mysterious noise is only the latest in a long series of unexplained noises coming from the sky, rattling windows, and jostling witnesses outside looking for the source. And yet still, even with this latest case there is no explanation about where this or any of the other sounds could have come from.
4/11/12- Dolphin Die-Off Impacts Peru  
A large number of dolphins have been discovered on the coast of Peru with an unexplained similar injury on all of them. Unlike the previous mass die-offs of 2011, this most recent event has the dolphins all exhibiting signs of rupturing to their middle ear. The tragedy has been unfolding to be the largest die-off of dolphins in recorded history - and no one knows the cause.
4/8/12- The Anecdotal Charles Fort  
Since the days of Charles Fort, the approach the public has taken toward the paranormal and unexplained has changed significantly over time. Where once there was the anecdotal curio of curiosities approach, now researchers attempt to quantify and measure the paranormal with tools. And that distinction may prove to be a source of trouble for researchers.
4/6/12- The Vela Incident and Other Mysterious Massive Explosions  
Just as there is an accepted history of nuclear weapons testing, there is an undercurrent running through history books that tell tale of mysterious explosions that seem to occur on their own without human intervention. Some suggest these could be the result of asteroids and other natural events while others say the facts just don't add up. One of these compelling mysteries is the Vela incident.
3/30/12- Aliens, Our Brothers and Sisters of Past Advanced Societies  
Mankind has gone from primitive, to modern to advanced many times before but we still have not learned our lessons. Currently, we live in a modern society with quite a bit of technology. However, in the future when scientists learn how to map the inside of a particle, they will discover that we are multi-dimensional beings and we will become an advanced society with advanced technology or other dimensional technology.
3/27/12- Mystery Sounds Spread to Wisconsin  
The mysterious sounds which have been appearing all over the world and ranged from a deep whining coming from the sky that sounds like twisted metal to a thrumming boom shaking the ground from an unidentified direction have now made an appearance in Wisconsin where witnesses are concerned and looking for answers. The mystery sounds, which appear to have come again from nowhere are causing a great deal of confusion as more and more conventional explanations are ruled out, and an over-arching mystery spreads all over the world.
3/12/12- Solar Storm Cycle to Peak in 2013  
We may be facing another surge in solar storms as the sun arrives at the most tempestuous period of its eleven year cycle. Soon the sun could be hurtling huge electrically charged storms to Earth in waves the likes of which we haven't seen in years. And given recent trends in solar storms that may be saying something. Is the big one just around the corner?
3/7/12- Orange Substance Identified - Mystery Deepens in Alaska  
The mysterious substance in Alaska that washed up on coastal shores has been confusing witnesses for months now after first appearing in the area. The orange mystery has had several people spinning theories ranging everywhere from an alien substance falling from space to an unidentified species of fish eggs migrating en masse. And as the mystery deepened, so did health concerns surrounding the unidentified subject. But now the real culprit has been finally discovered. So what was it?
2/29/12- Scientists Warn: Clouds Are Descending  
Worldwide scientists have noted that clouds are getting lower than before. The average height of clouds has fallen significantly in recent years, though they are not dropping significantly enough without reason. Is this descent in clouds related to recent activity from the sun? Could this effect have something to do with the fact that this is 2012? Or is this new global development explained a bit more simply?
2/23/12- Some Strange Similarities of Lake Monsters  
Throughout the Americas there have always been reports of creatures that suddenly appear from the deep reaches of large lakes, only to disappear once again leaving behind troubled witnesses and an unfortunately small body of evidence. The creatures reportedly do not fit into any understood category of creatures, and often are said to be completely unique. But there are some odd similarities between the lake monsters that beg further study. Champ, Tahoe Tessie, the Ogopogo, and Wallowa Lake's Wally are just the tip of the ice berg on this interconnected mystery.
2/22/12- Twisted Sounds from the Deep  
When horror legend HP Lovecraft first said, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown” he was well aware of the mysteries surrounding the darkest regions of the ocean. Nowhere on Earth is more vastly unexplored or mysterious than the deep reaches of that universe hiding beneath innocently rolling waves. And so when scientists witnessed a curious sound emerging from it from an unknown source, they soon felt that chilling grip of fear.
2/14/12- Time Slips Still a Mystery  
Time is one of those universal forces that still has many of us scratching our heads with wonder. While some suggest time is nothing more than the speed and sequence of events as they happen, the more advanced in physics we come the more names are attached to the idea that time may be more fluid than we once thought. But is it possible that a person could find themselves displaced in time, completely thrown back to an earlier or later time and come back with an incredible story? A handful of people have claimed just that.
2/10/12- Mysterious Boxes Washing Up on West Coast  
Enigmas are always strangest when they're attached to an object that's either discovered out of place or one that shows up seemingly out of nowhere. And this mystery is almost always compounded during times rife with uncertainty or historical precedent. And now as December of 2012 looms on the horizon a series of mystery boxes have been reported washing up along the shores of the west coast. Are these boxes clues to some enigma slowly emerging from the sea? They have been reported all up and down the Oregon coast with more being reported appearing now to the East.
2/7/12- Pembrokeshire Noise Unsolved  
When resident of Milford Haven tried to move their days along peacefully, they found that something strange was booming off in the horizon. The noise, which lasted for some two minutes was reported as being quite strange - like nothing the residents had ever heard before. The incident continued and Haven residents soon began contacting local authorities asking what was happening. The authorities were just as baffled as the residents were.
2/2/12- Dorset Mystery Rain Case Nearly Closed  
Twice now in the past few months we have been struck by stories of a strange rain coming down from the sky in torrents in the UK. The first incident, which happened in December, saw tremendous hails of apples raining down on the highway in Coventry. The second incident, which included a torrent of unidentified globs of gel soon followed in January. And that mystery is on the verge of being solved, according to scientists. But what will they reveal?
1/31/12- Mysterious Spheres Rain on Dorset Garden  
When we look up at the horizon on a cloudy day, occasionally we expect to see some rain - and possibly even snow drifting down from the blistery winter skies. But one resident of Dorset UK was perplexed when he went outside and it started raining bizarre gelatinous globs of an unidentified substance all over his garden. This is only the latest in a long string of unexplained precipitations around the globe.
1/28/12- Mystery Sounds Intensify Around Globe  
It seems one of the strangest phenomena to come about in 2012 is the presence of massive mysterious sounds that are breaking out across cities and private residences alike with little explanation as to where they could be coming from or what their purpose could be. The sounds themselves range from a single tremendous boom to a constant high pitched drone cracking over the horizon. But what could the cause be of this mysterious activity? And is it possible we're looking at a new phenomenon entirely?
1/26/12- Birds Swarm Kentucky Town  
It's like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's horror classic "The Birds," but for residents of one Kentucky town it's a horror show brought to life as birds descend on their town by the tens of thousands. The birds, which have been discovered moving by the thousands have - for reasons unknown - decided they would make this town their home unexpectedly in such massive numbers that sometimes the larger flocks swarming in the sky even block out the sun.
1/25/12- Blood Wells up from Ground in Poland Town  
It's one of the strangest sights locals of one Polish town may ever report to authorities as the sewers bubbled and started weeping massive pools of blood drenching the streets. But was this the manifestation of some doomsday indicator or could there be a logical explanation for something seeming as apocalyptic as this?
1/5/12- Another Bird Die Off in Beebe, Arkansas  
You may recall how the year started with a bang in 2011 when thousands of black birds suddenly dropped dead in Beebe, Arkansas as New Year's celebrations commenced. Well it would appear that the odd bird die off has been documented again - with an entirely new and unexplained black bird die off as 2012 comes around. What could cause a repeat on this strange massive bird die off? And does it portend the same sort of events we saw in 2011?
1/1/12- Mysterious Humming Prior to Earthquakes  
Bizarre almost song-like sounds have been reported just before earthquakes worldwide, giving some the impression that the cause may be unconventional or even part of a conspiracy. To date, several earthquakes have been immediately preceded by a mysterious sound heard and even video taped by nearby witnesses. But what is the cause? Are these rumblings mere coincidence? Or could there be a different and more sinister cause?
12/14/11- Apples Rain from Sky in UK  
In the history of odd and extraordinary precipitations, there has been a considerable amount of study and folklore, but few incidents even in the world of the paranormal are quite like this. In the Coundon Coventry of West Midlands, England it began pouring apples from the heavens Monday in such an incredible and unexpected display that motorists and pedestrians were helpless to do anything but stop and stare at the peculiar spectacle. But was this unusual rain a doomsday sign of the times or something a bit less apocalyptic?
12/11/11- Daytime Lunar Eclipse: Don't Worry, Physics Isn't Broken  
Here's a brainteaser that left some sky-watchers scratching their heads when the moon suddenly and unexpectedly went black during the daytime in an impossible astronomical display. Why is it impossible to see a Lunar Eclipse during a perfectly cloudless day? Conventional wisdom suggests it's because Lunar eclipses happen when the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon make a straight line. So what often overlooked law of physics made it possible for witnesses in the Rocky Mountains to see both the Sun and the Lunar Eclipse at the same time?
12/11/11- The Strange Effects of Weather on the Paranormal  
In classic stories the distant castle containing the horrifying paranormal creatures and ghosts is always sought on a dark and stormy night when the clouds open up and a torrent of rain comes pounding down alongside thunder that shakes the pillars of the heavens threatening to bring everything crashing down in one fell swoop. But is the world of fiction in this respect giving us a symbolic motif, or has it been documented over time to suggest when thunder and lightning starts to tear through the heavens we are more likely to see something out of the ordinary?
11/18/11- Mysterious Nuclear Radiation Blankets Europe  
Trace amounts of nuclear radiation have been detected in several places throughout Europe, but no one knows precisely where it's coming from. Experts are suggesting it is likely not related to the Fukushima disaster - possibly because wind currents would have to travel across most of the globe before reaching the Czech republic where it was discovered. The IAEA has stated that the levels are not nearly high enough to cause health risks any time soon, but they are curious over where the mystery radiation could be coming from.
11/14/11- Weird Weather in Oklahoma  
When we think of paranormal weather, ordinarily we think of the improbable precipitation, strange sounds, and unexplained seismic activity. But what about when the weather is all of the above? Recently in Oklahoma residents reported that their world has been turned upside down by the weird goings on in the skies and under the ground when in just one short day the world looked like it was coming to an end in a localized area.
10/19/11- Bird Deaths Make a Comeback  
If you thought the long string of bird deaths terrorizing headlines was over, it seems the truth had other ideas. This week Myrtle Beach California hotel workers reported 40 deceased birds mysteriously falling out of the sky all at once. And if that's not strange enough, the birds are dropping with no known explanation - just like they did around January.
10/7/11- 33 Foot Whale Discovered 2,400 Feet from Shore  
You may recall the story we recently covered of a shark found several miles from the nearest body of water in the middle of the woods near the East Coast, but this story has an even larger sea creature found dead in a grassy field. Currently experts are wrestling with explanations as to what could have happened - particularly since the whale itself is not a species ordinarily seen in the area - even in the water.
10/4/11- Soviet House Speaker Announces Orbital Doomsday Device, Run for Presidency  
Those familiar with the Russian political arena may have already heard the name Zhirinovsky associated with his outbursts, such as his 2008 threat to use nuclear weapons to flood Great Britain over a trade disagreement. Now in 2011, the official who holds enough popularity to stand up to the rigors of reelection is making a bid for Moscow and the Russian Presidency. And so this might be a good time to make mention of the massive orbital "Tsunami weapon" Zhirinovsky threatened the world with in a newscast that went Viral on Youtube in May. So do they really have it?
9/25/11- Power Failures Heat Up After Solar Storm  
For years grid experts have chimed in alongside NASA to warn that the sun could one day disrupt our grid connected power supplies. It would seem that day has already arrived. After a series of massive eruptions from the sun power outages have been reported in Chile, Texas City, New Jersey, and Seattle among others. While the power outages may be a coincidence and caused by a series of failures either planned or otherwise, there is a growing voice of discontent over the vulnerability of plugged in power systems and the possibility that more may be on the way. So does the Sun have a part in all of this?
9/25/11- Columns of Water Spring Up in Lake Michigan  
Michigan is no stranger to mystery. One of the many homes of the legendary creature known as Bigfoot is certainly used to seeing its fair share of the unusual. But recently the mystery deepened when several water formations appeared rising up from the water in columns like pillars. Why are these water spouts - ordinarily a rare occurrence this far North - happening? And is there any precedent to the strange appearance?
9/12/11- Ghost Stories Unclassifiable  
We all have heard accounts of perfectly reasonable people suddenly finding themselves amidst perfectly unreasonable events. From the phantom hitchhiker to a visit by a deceased relative these ghost stories are staples of our modern lore. But sometimes you hear a ghost story that seems nothing like the traditional ones of an entity simply visiting a person in a perfectly normal - albeit haunted - room. Sometimes we all hear stories about individuals who seem to lead reasonable or even mundane lives, but who eventually find themselves in the midst of a catastrophic transmutation of reality.
8/21/11- Revisiting the 'Zone of Silence'  
There are some places in this world that seem to defy the known laws of physics. It's as though the entire universe answers to certain laws that hold everything together, and yet occasionally there is an area - such as the Zone of Silence that simply refuses to conform. While it is unknown if the zone is related to any paranormal phenomenon directly, the fact that no explanation exists for its mysterious effects is certainly no comfort to those who find themselves caught in it at the wrong time.
8/21/11- Alaskan Mystery Slime Conjures More Controversy  
When an orange goo was first discovered off the Alaskan coast it had more than a few local residents scratching their heads in wonder. Shortly afterward samples were taken and analyzed. The first analysis showed they were organic in nature and not man-made. The second analysis gave indications that they may have been eggs. A third analysis now has turned the investigation on its head and tension is starting to build around the mysterious incident as arguments begin over what the substance was.
8/16/11- Spontaneous Human Near Combustion  
We've all heard of cases involving spontaneous human combustion. Over the years a number of theories have been proposed suggesting the phenomenon may have its root in some fairly conventional and perfectly understandable natural occurrences - however tragic they may be. But if the casebook is to be closed on spontaneous human combustion, experts have often cited a particularly strange case - that of Debbie Clark in 1985. If all other cases of spontaneous human combustion were to fit a mold that could be explained away, Debbie Clark breaks it. And not only that, she lived to tell the tale.
8/16/11- Video: Mysterious Hums All Over the Globe  
What started as a simple evening newspaper novelty has spread into a near epidemic as more communities and towns are increasingly reporting a mysterious sound accompanying daily life. The strange sound does not seem to be confined to any single continent or area, and is appearing increasingly in scattered areas throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other areas. If there is a natural explanation for the mysterious sonic activity, it seems this time it is unprecedented on a massive scale.
8/12/11- Mystery Boom Puzzles Norfolk  
A mysterious burst of sonic energy erupted over Norfolk on the night of August 10th causing some of those startled awake to wonder what could be going on outside. Pets reportedly started howling in response to the sudden mysterious burst while citizens got up and checked outside only to see a clear summer sky with no sign of lightning. Geologists the next morning checked sensors to see if an Earthquake had been responsible, but found no evidence indicating seismic activity. And the RAF has likewise distanced itself from responsibility, saying aircraft from the nearby base were out on an exercise at the time of the event. So what was it, then?
8/9/11- Video: X-Flare Prompts Action, Sparks Apprehension  
After the massive solar flare that occurred on the 15th of February and March 9th of this year, scientists at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found themselves doing a double take at data streaming in from the SOHO space observatory. And this latest X class flare, which was seven times larger than the last two which each elicited responses of awe and wonder from space-watchers, has caused power and phone companies to make preparations for an event that could hit the 10th or 11th of August if Earth is hit by the glancing blow of a CME.
8/7/11- Inland Shark Discovery Follows UFO Sightings  
The idea of discovering out of place animals is nothing new in itself, but after witnesses discovered a shark that had somehow made its way some 50 miles inland from the nearest body of water it may be worth noting that the area has seen an elevated level of UFO activity in the past few weeks. New Hampshire is no stranger to unusual events, but this one just might be the strangest so far. What could have carried a shark 50 miles inland and deposited it in the middle of the New Hampshire Woods?
8/7/11- Unidentified Yellow Slime Rains from Sky in Alaska  
Over the years there have been several reports of mysterious things raining from the sky ranging from fish to frogs and even blood. But just this week an orange slime reportedly began raining from the sky on a village near Anchorage Alaska, and experts are still scratching their heads over what could have caused it. The mysterious material remains unidentified in labs after being collected after a heavy incident where it covered houses, rain collection barrels, and even people. And perhaps strangest of all is the fact that the substance doesn't look like anything biologists have ever seen. So where did it come from?

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