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Los Angeles Rocked By 2 More Earthquakes Today
Posted In: Unexplainable Weather  9/7/12
By: David Martinez

It’s been a rough summer for the state of California concerning earthquakes and today was just another day in one of the most earth shaking summers in California history,

Two earthquakes struck California's Central Valley on Friday morning, hours after a temblor shook the Los Angeles area.

A magnitude 4.0 quake struck at 6:22 this morning about six miles southeast of the Fresno County city of Huron, which is roughly 50 miles southwest of Fresno, the U.S. Geological Service reported.

A magnitude 4.1 quake struck the same area a minute later.

A Huron police dispatcher said she had not received any calls reporting damage or injuries.

The quakes came more than six hours after a small but shallow earthquake centered in the heart of Beverly Hills shook a lot of people awake.  There were no injuries or damage reported from that quake as well.

The magnitude 3.5 quake struck at 12:03 a.m., triggering numerous calls to police and fire agencies. The U.S. Geological Survey said more than 4,000 people checked in on its website to say they felt it.

"There was no damage, nothing," Beverly Hills police Sgt. Sean Dexter said six hours after the quake.

"It was one kind of big bump and it was over," he said.

The Los Angeles Fire Department put its quake protocol into action and sent firefighters on the ground and in helicopters to check roads, bridges and other key infrastructure for problems. Nothing was found.  The shaking was evident from Santa Monica to Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley, City News Service reported.  Beverly Hills Police Department Watch Cmdr. Todd Withers told the Los Angeles Times that he felt a "sharp jolt" followed by a slow roll. The department received calls from residents, including some about burglar alarms going off.  It was the second earthquake centered in Beverly Hills this week. A magnitude 3.2 shaker was recorded Monday.


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