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Mysterious Reports of Earth Rumblings - Experts Rule Out Earthquake
Posted In: Unexplainable Weather  3/20/11
By: Chris Capps

With the massive amount of attention coming recently to the seismic events around the world, several people have Earthquakes on their minds these days.  And so it's only natural when the ground emanated a mysterious rumbling sound and garage doors shook, they would assume an earthquake was under way.  And so it was with great surprise, that many reported the incidents only to learn from experts that no seismic activity was happening in their area.  So what could be causing the low rumbling sound heard throughout areas scattered across the United States?  Theories abound, but proven answers are at this moment scarce.

At first, experts were suggesting the events may have been related to those taking place in Japan.  It's no mystery that there has been a considerable amount of geological activity taking place in recent weeks.  And yet when the data was studied, these same experts suggested that the seismic events were no doubt caused by something else.  And just what that was, they could not explain.

One incident, taking place in Florida saw residents getting up early in the morning only to find that a mysterious sound was booming through neighborhoods.  The sound reportedly set off car alarms, shook garage doors, and generally caused chaos throughout suburban communities in Flagier county.  Over a dozen calls were sent to the emergency center during and after the event.

And it's not only being left to events within the United States.  Another incident took place in Scunthorpe, England where residents reported a loud rumbling sound emanating from a steel mill.  Unfortunately, after the event no seismic activity was discovered and so this too remained a mystery.  Is it possible the sounds are a thus far unrecognized geological phenomenon that doesn't register on seismographs?

Similar incidents have been reported from coast to coast, though some of them were later attributed to genuine seismic activity.  For example, a small Earthquake swarm just northeast of Dubois, Idaho turned out to be nothing more than an old fashioned Earthquake.  And the same could be said of the 3.7 Earthquake that shook just North of Phoenix, Arizona.

Theorists have suggested that the events may not me seismic in nature, instead causing the surface of the ground to shake as the result of a sound wave coming from a thus far unknown source.  And if this were the case, we cannot help but ask ourselves why the strange phenomenon is happening now.  For years mysterious sonic booms have sounded in the skies resulting in confusion among witnesses and no small amount of concern over possible military tests over populated areas.  In the end, the events remain entirely unexplainable.

There are other theories as well, some of which relate to the recent "super moon" predicted to have had a great effect on the Earth.  But while the debate over the super moon's effects rages on, a mysterious booming sound can be heard 'round the world.


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