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Pole Shift Could Relate to Bird Deaths
Posted In: Unexplainable Weather  1/11/11
By: Chris Capps

The idea of pole shifts is certainly not a new one to new-agers, but the subject became a point of public scrutiny in the mainstream just recently when the subject broke subtly across news channels worldwide both in relation to the deaths of thousands of birds and the shutting down of an airport in Florida.  Tampa International Airport was shut down not because of terrorist action or weather, but the shifting poles according to several mainstream news sources.

The news was hardly news to those who had been following the subject of shifting poles for some time, but rather vindication to many who suggested that the pole was about to shift in incredibly dramatic ways in the coming years.  Extreme examples of a major pole shift include suggestions that what is currently the Arctic circle will become a lush tropical paradise while the southern tip of South America will freeze over along with a large portion of the southern hemisphere.  Those following the subject have suggested everything from tsunamis two miles high to devastating Earthquakes that break open the Earth and cause once dormant volcanoes to once again spew forth more fire and ash than could ever be imagined.  The date 2012 certainly has come up quite a bit as well.

Is there anything to this incredibly dramatic theory that everything we know about the world is about to change?  One of the issues involved in vindicating this theory is that weather is a complex process that is not well understood by the majority of f people.  As a result, the effects of a pole shift are often disputed and speculated on widely.

One thing that many believers in an oncoming pole shift are citing is that the massive bird die off in Beebe Arkansas had a strange weather anomaly on the radar during the time the event was taking place.  This massive blip shows an intense amount of activity shortly before and during the massive bird die off.  The scene of birds dying off en masse due to a magnetic pole shift was seen in the 2003 film "The Core."  It should be also noted, however, that days after the massive bird die off NASA listed "2012" over "The Core" as one of the most scientifically inaccurate movies ever created (Plan 9 from Outer Space wasn't even on the list.)  So rather than turning to Hollywood for predictions of tomorrow, scientists are urging people turn to the facts instead.  And the facts are that we currently have a massive mystery on our hands.

Will pole shifts be felt elsewhere in the world?  Will we soon start hearing of pole shifts affecting flight instruments?  And what does the future of weather hold as a harbinger of a future cataclysm?  Scores of believers have voiced a willingness to be wrong on this subject if it means the world will continue without massive cataclysms.  But by December of next year will we finally have the answers to these massive changes taking place seemingly overnight?


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