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Free Articles and Content for Your Site

As you can see, Unexplainable.Net invests a lot of money and time producing awesome content on daily basis. And we give you the recourses to use this content on your own website! If you have the resources and knowledge, you can use the RSS feeds on the left and plug them right into your own website.  Every new article we publish will instantly show up on your own site!

Java Script Option Also Available

Just paste the code on the left into your website's source code and ALL Unexplainable.Net's article updates will instantly appear on your website!

If you want to change the look, color, fonts, sizes, etc, you can do simply by using our Java Generator. You can use this tool to customize the look to seamlessly fit into any website theme. Once your finished, you won't have to worry about manually writing content constantly, and your visitors will be more likely to come back!  Remember, offering your visitors Fresh and updated content is KEY to online success.

Java Syndication is easier and quicker. But RSS Syndication is ultimately better. Many script ran websites already come with built in tools to easily plug our RSS Feed into your site. If your website does not have these options, you can use a free script like Rss2html and customize the feed as you wish.

We usually grant permission to reprint articles with a reference link, so if you would rather just use some our articles, just email me at unexplainable.net@gmail.com and I will document the usage permission. If you give us proper credit, we usually have no issues.



Links and Article Submissions

As you know, building backlinks is important in establishing a good flow of search engine traffic. Here at Unexplainable.Net, we give you the chance to do it the right way. We do not trade links, sell links, or manipulate pagerank. We will link to good content if it relates to the article subject matter and appreciate any links given to us.

You can acquire followed links from Unexplainable.Net by submitting articles. If your article is of good quality, it will be published on Unexplainable.Net. You can link within the article body as long as the overall presentation of your article is tasteful and the sites that are being linked to are in good standing. Approval of articles and links is at the digression of the editor.

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If your established organization wishes to interview Unexplainable.Net for media purposes, please contact us at unexplainable.net@gmail.com with proposal details.


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