Our History

We registered the Unexplainable.Net domain way back in year 2000. Just to give you a reference, Google registered their domain just 3 years prior. In the early years of this site, Google wasn’t even known.

We come from a time when BBS and IRC Channels were thriving. Totse (Temple Of The Screaming Electron) and Keeleynet were some of the bigger players when we started this venture. Most of todays internet community never even heard of such sites.

Unexplainable.Net has underwent several HUGE changes over the years. Starting as a non-scripted HTML site, to a CGI Perl powered text-file database scripted site, and finally to a PHP database modern script. We have been updating and carrying our database over from platform to platform for decades. And in this time, we have made errors and things have gotten tangled. Even today, we are purging formatting errors, junk articles, and the likes from the database.

We have LOADS of invaluable information within these pages. So many insider posts and reports that have been long scrubbed from the web still exist here, but you will have to dig deep. Most these old BBS sites are long gone!

Beware- there is also a lot of junk laying around still. You will certainly come across some pure rubbish that has been posted by our moderators of users in the past. Many articles were disapproved to be published, but during server and database migrations, ended up going live…

We have also been linked and mentioned in Official NASA Newsletters, mainstream news sites, Huffington post, and more.

As you go through our database, remember there are many GEMS here. Especially regarding long lost UFO witness and Insider testimony.

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