Additional Kings and Queens of Old Scotland

In this article, you will continue to explore some of the kings who have ruled Scotland over the years , paying special attention to ancient characters, such as Amberkeletus and his brother Sealbhach.
Amberkeletus , 697

Also referred to as Ainbhceallach , he was the son of Fearchar Fada, who was killed by his brother (Sealbhach).

Mordacus , 732

It is possible that this man served as king for a short period of time. Also known as Muredach , this man was claimant for the throne of Dalraida.

Solvathius , 767

Also known as Sealbhach , he not only killed one of his brothers , but also expelled his brother named Amberkeletusin in 719 and was later responsible for his death after he killed him in battle in 724.

Kenneth I , 834

After besting the Picts , Kenneth I (also known as Kenneth MacAlpin), became the first king of Alba (which is now all of Scotland) in 832. He passed away in 860. When it comes to myths of the nation , he is often referred to as the first king of Scots. This distinction earned him the nickname of “The Conqueror.” After his passing, he left behind a legacy that saw many prominent rulers who claimed to have descended from the man. While he is not seen as the father of Scotland , he is recognized as founding the dynasty which dominated the rule of the country , prevalent throughout medieval times.

Constantin , 859

This man served as King of Strathclyde Scots. Strathclyde is often referred to as the “Valley of the Clyde” and was originally called Brythonic Ystrad Clud. This is the location that has served as the medieval capital of the region. It is also known as one of the kingdoms of the Brythons , located in the southern part of Scotland. The region has also found a place throughout the post-Roman period (the Dark Ages), as well as the Middle Ages. The kingdom associated with Strathclyde Scots would undergo various time periods , The Old North; The Kingdom of Alt Cult; and The Viking Age.

Donaldus , 889

This son of Aedh was also the brother of King Constantin. However, he lost his life when Danish invaders killed him in 900.

Constantinus 3 , 904

No information was left behind regarding this ruler.

Milcolumbus , 943

This ruler was killed close to Fetteresso in 954, which is home of the Fetteresso Castle , a tower house dating back to the 14th century, which was rebuilt in 1761. The establishment was transformed into a Scottish gothic-style manor , still keeping in line with its prehistoric use of the site. Today, you can visit this attraction by traveling immediately west of the town of Stonehaven (in Kincardineshire).

Indulph , 954

This son of King Constantin would reign until 963. King Indulph would have a son by the name of Culenus (also known as Cuilean Finn or white Colin), who would rule in 963. He died in 971.

Kenneth 3 , 970

This ruler lost his life close to Loch Earn in 1005 , a direct casualty regarding a civil war.